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On February 15, the PE market overview of various places

the PE market atmosphere in Chongqing is relatively light, and the quotation is basically maintained before the festival, with 7042 Lanhua 13400 yuan/ton, 9455f achieving zero formaldehyde emission at 13900 yuan/ton, 5000S at 13750 yuan/ton, and 2426h Lanhua at 13600 yuan/ton

the local market atmosphere in Changzhou was flat. Yangba 2426h reported 13800 yuan/ton, PetroChina high pressure reported 13650 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac reported 13500 yuan/ton, Lanhua 7042 reported 13500 yuan/ton, Yangzi 7042 reported 13600 yuan/ton, 9455f reported 13600 yuan/ton, PetroChina 5000S reported yuan/ton, and 2200j goods were less than 14000 yuan/ton

the PE market atmosphere in Xiamen is still relatively weak. At present, most downstream factories have not opened the labor force units T, kg, N, kn, G, LB, and the market supply has increased. Affected by this, the mentality of some businesses has been divided. 7042 Guangzhou Petrochemical reported 13900 yuan/ton, 218w Saudi Arabia reported 14300 yuan/ton, 9455f reported 13850 yuan/ton, 9001 reported 14350 yuan/ton, 5000S reported yuan/ton, 2426h Daqing/Lanhua reported 13600 yuan/ton

the local transaction situation in Hangzhou is still general, the prices of different varieties continue to fall compared with yesterday, the demand is light, and the market atmosphere is weak; High pressure 1c7a is reported at 14300 yuan/ton, Yangba high pressure at 13750 yuan/ton, q281 at 13850 yuan/ton, Lanhua 2426h at 13600 yuan/ton, Yangzi 7042 at 13700 yuan/ton, Daqing 7042 at 13600 yuan/ton, 0220kj at 13850 yuan/ton, low pressure membrane 602 at 13700 yuan/ton, 5301 at 13600 yuan/ton, 9455f at 13500 yuan/ton

the local atmosphere in Nanjing is flat, the price today has little change compared with yesterday, the demand is light, and the transaction is not good; 1802 yuan/ton, 704 simply means to use gear drives at all levels to achieve the purpose of speed reduction. 2 yuan/ton, 5000S yuan/ton, 5306j yuan/ton

the wait-and-see atmosphere in Tianjin port is still strong, there are few transactions, and the quotation of merchants is mainly stable. 0218d cans are taxless at 12980 yuan/ton, 218w basically has no quotation, and PetroChina 7042 is quoted at 13350 yuan/ton; Low pressure membrane Jihua 9455f has no tax return of 12850 yuan/ton; PetroChina 2426h reported 13300 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City PE transaction atmosphere is relatively weak. At present, most downstream plants have not yet started, and market participants are more obvious to wait and see. 00tn00 is quoted at 13600 yuan/ton, 2480 is quoted at yuan/ton, and 7042 is quoted at 13300 yuan/ton

the trading atmosphere in the PE market in Linyi is slightly flat, and the quotation basically remains stable. Under the condition that most downstream factories have not yet started, the wait-and-see situation of market participants is slightly obvious, with 1802 at 12900 yuan/ton, 7050 yuan/ton, 5000S Daqing at 12800 yuan/ton, Yangzi at yuan/ton, Qilu 6098 at 13300 yuan/ton, Panjin 5070 at 13250 yuan/ton, 2426h Daqing at 12800 yuan/ton, 02tn26 Qilu at 12900 yuan/ton

the inquiry in Beijing is still light, and the quotation of merchants continues to be stable, 1c7a at 13900 yuan/ton, 1f7b at 13300 yuan/ton, ld100ac at 13300 yuan/ton, and low-voltage 5000S at 13300 yuan/ton

the PE market quotation in Shunde is relatively stable, with 7042 guangpetrochemical/Maoming at 12900 yuan/ton, a small number of businesses reporting 12850 yuan/ton, tr144 yuan/ton, 9455f stable yuan/ton, 5502 businesses reporting 13080 yuan/ton,/yuan/ton, tr480m tax included businesses reporting 14200 yuan/ton, 2426h/2426k tax included businesses reporting 13350 yuan/ton. Quotation of imported materials: Saudi 218w is 13400 yuan/ton, fd21hs is 13500 yuan/ton, 3224 Formosa Plastics is 13280 yuan/ton, and Hanhua is 13350 yuan/ton

Shantou PE market quotation is relatively stable, and the transaction atmosphere is slightly flat. 7042 Guangzhou Petrochemical reported at 12900 yuan/ton, some merchants in Maoming reported at 12930 yuan/ton, 2001 at 12900 yuan/ton, 2426h Daqing tax included at 13350 yuan/ton, 2426k at 13400 yuan/ton, Maoming 2426h tax included at 13430 yuan/ton, 5502 yuan/ton, 9455f at yuan, individual manufacturers increased by 10 yuan/ton, 7000F Thailand reported at 13500 yuan/ton

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