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On July 21, 2009, PE market overview everywhere

the inquiry atmosphere of PE market in Qingdao port has improved, and crude oil has continued to rise. At present, electronic tensile testing machines are widely used by merchants, and their confidence has been improved. 1001kw is 10300 yuan/ton, and 1002kw is tax-free 9900 yuan/ton

the PE market in Beijing made good inquiries, crude oil rose continuously, and the market speculative demand reappeared. It is understood that the number of middlemen and downstream inquiries in the Beijing market increased significantly in the morning, and the merchants with goods have not yet quoted prices. It is expected that the price will rise today

the PE market of Qilu Chemical City was driven by the continuous rise of crude oil, the market inquiry improved, and the price continued to rise by 20 - so it was extremely useful, about 30 yuan/ton, and the market speculation demand appeared. 7042 no tax is reported in yuan/ton

the PE market in Hangzhou fell steadily, with linear demand declining. At the same time, the cost of supply in the early stage was not high, and the price fell. Zhongyuan 7050 reported 10100 yuan/ton

the supply of PE market in Linyi is general. Driven by crude oil futures, the quotation increased slightly by about 50 yuan/ton. The inquiry is OK, and there are not many transactions. Yangzi 1802 no tax will bring extreme tension on raw materials, with a tax declaration of 9550 yuan/ton, and 7042 no tax declaration of 9600 yuan/ton

the transaction in Yuyao PE market is not ideal, and the price is stable with a decline. Low pressure transaction is particularly difficult, but there are not many sources of goods, and traders still have a certain supporting mentality

the supply of PE market in Chengdu is general, and the quotation is slightly higher, but due to the impact of low demand, the transaction follow-up is not much. If tr144 reports 10800 yuan/ton and tr480 reports 1, the weight can be reduced by 5% - 20% 0800 yuan/ton

affected by the continuous recovery of crude oil in Shantou PE market, the market buying atmosphere has improved, the speculative demand of middlemen has reappeared, the downstream factories still take goods in general, and HDPE is still weak

the quotation in Shanghai PE market fluctuated slightly and the transaction was flat. In terms of low pressure, injection molding showed an upward trend, and the hollow price remained stable

driven by the continuous recovery of crude oil in Xiamen PE market, the price continued to rise, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. The domestic material reported a higher price, while the quotation of imported material remained strong. Japan reported 10700 yuan/ton for 5000S and 11000 yuan/ton for 9001

HDPE prices in Shunde PE market are basically stable today. Crude oil rebounded continuously, middlemen/downstream factories' buying intention increased, and the transaction was acceptable. Daqing 5000S tax free declaration 10500 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan

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