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On February 18, the general situation of PE markets around the country

the inquiry of Changzhou local market increased slightly, and the transaction was still ordinary; PetroChina high pressure reported 13650 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac reported 13700 yuan/ton, and Lanhua 7042 reported 13500 yuan/ton. This cooperation between Bayer and Shanghai chlor alkali of Yangzi 704 can achieve another mutually beneficial and win-win development of 2 yuan/ton, PetroChina 5000S reported yuan/ton, and 2200j goods were less than 14000 yuan/ton

the linear market in Yuyao is stable, and the quotation is mainly stable, and there is basically no significant change. At present, with the downstream factories returning to the market one after another, the trading volume has increased slightly. However, due to the lack of demand, most downstream factories can not start normal operation until after the Lantern Festival, the overall transaction is still difficult to fundamentally improve. At present, the mainstream price in the market is yuan/ton

the inquiry in Beijing was slightly better than last weekend, but the overall demand was still weak, 1c7a was reported at 13850 yuan/ton; 1i2a yuan/ton; 1i50a at 15150 yuan/ton; Compared with the ex factory price, ld100ac is upside down yuan/ton, at yuan/ton; 5000S is quoted at RMB/ton, and 5200b is quoted at RMB 13700/ton

the supply of PE market around the Central Plains is general, and the delivery situation I 4 Adjust the distance between the two pressure plates of the experimental machine (click the rise or fall button on the software with the left mouse button to adjust the position of the fixture). The 7050 tax excluded is 12560 yuan/ton, and the tax included is about 13250 yuan/ton

the local current price in Hangzhou basically maintained the price of last week. Merchants actively sold the accumulated resources during the festival. The actual transaction price was low, basically flat or upside down. High voltage 1c7a was reported at 14300 yuan/ton, Yangba high voltage was reported at 13850 yuan/ton, q281 was reported at 13850 yuan/ton, Lanhua 2426h was reported at 13600 yuan/ton, Yangzi 7042 was reported at 13650 yuan/ton, Daqing 7042 was reported at 13600 yuan/ton, 0220kj was reported at 13850 yuan/ton, low voltage membrane 602 was reported at 13700 yuan/ton, 5301 was reported at 13600 yuan/ton, 9455f is quoted at 13500 yuan/ton

under the situation of light transaction in Shunde market, the weekend situation was basically maintained today, and the wait-and-see atmosphere of merchants was obvious, with 7042 yuan/ton for Guanghua petrochemical, 12900 yuan/ton for Maoming, 12950 yuan/ton for 7144, and 2001 yuan/ton

most businesses in Xiamen PE market still hold a wait-and-see situation, and the quotation remains stable. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 reports 13900 yuan/ton, 9455f at 13850 yuan/ton, 5000S at 13900 yuan/ton, 4801 Dushanzi at 13700 yuan/ton, 2426h Daqing/Lanhua 13600 yuan/ton, 2420h shell 13550 yuan/ton, 2426k Daqing 13650 yuan/ton. Quotation of imported materials: 9001 yuan/ton, 218w yuan/ton, 9018 yuan/ton

the weekend atmosphere in Linyi market was light, and the quotation was slightly lower, 7042 Yangzi yuan/ton, 1802 at 12840 yuan/ton, 7050 Zhongyuan at 12750 yuan/ton

the PE market atmosphere in Shantou is weak. Under the condition that most downstream enterprises have not yet started operation, the market has become a brand with high quality and low price. The price of 7042 guangpetrochemical/Maoming is reported at yuan/ton, 2001 yuan/ton, 2426h Maoming tax included at 13400 yuan/ton, and 9455f at 13250 yuan/ton. Quotation of imported materials: 3224 Formosa Plastics 13450 yuan/ton, Hanhua 13470 yuan/ton, 3305 13420 yuan/ton, 7000F Thailand 13500 yuan/ton, 5502 Dalin 13600 yuan/ton, 9001 13600 yuan/ton. The above are tax-free prices

the overall price of Tianjin Port was mainly stable, with 9020 trading at 13300 yuan/ton, and some of them reported to 13350 yuan/ton; Imported resources are still relatively small. 0218 is originally quoted at 13750 yuan/ton, and 218w is a small amount at 1. I hope it can help you! 4050 yuan/ton, PetroChina 7042 reported 13300 yuan/ton

the transaction atmosphere in Guangzhou market was flat, and at the same time, Sinopec/PetroChina arrived at the port during the Spring Festival holiday, and the goods were successively put into warehouse for sale, which made some merchants have strong shipping intention, and the quotation continued to decline. 7042 Sinopec/Maoming reported at 13450 yuan/ton, Maoming at 13500 yuan/ton, 2426h Daqing at 13400 yuan/ton, and 5000S Daqing at 13850 yuan/ton

the inquiry atmosphere in Nanjing market has improved, with 1802 reporting 13500 yuan/ton, 7042 reporting 13420 yuan/ton, 5000S reporting 13400 yuan/ton, 5306j reporting 13700 yuan/ton. Some merchants responded that the linear transaction situation was acceptable; There are not many quotations in Yangba high pressure market, and the merchants wait and see the ex factory price of Yangba

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