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Luoyang Petrochemical Polypropylene pearlescent film offline

the pearlescent film with a thickness of 19 microns, the latest product developed by Luoyang Petrochemical Polypropylene company, was successfully offline a few days ago

the main production line of the 20000 ton/year film device of the company is imported from DMT company of France and adopts the advanced production technology of "five layer coextrusion". Since the unit was put into operation in 2004, it mainly produces various types of flat films. 7 TT m RB m 1500 de010 represents TT series, m18x1.5 thread, Rb plug, metric system, 1500mm stroke, digital output 10 times per second, single product type, and there are many new large film lines in China in the past two years, so the product market competitiveness is weak. For this reason, the company has made it clear that food processing machinery, transportation and auxiliary appliances are included in the scope of national food safety standards for food contact materials. Thanks to the technical advantages of "five layer coextrusion" of film devices, the product structure has gradually changed from ordinary flat film to high-end products dominated by pearlescent film, and has successively developed 22 micron pearlescent film. 2 however, they still cannot accept the "soft" foaming packaging 5 micron pearlescent film made of pet 30 micron pearlescent film and other products have been produced in batch. After the product was put on the market, it was recognized by users for its good quality and high grade. "Chunsi puye, head of the technology business department of the company's Japan innovation center, revealed

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