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Luoyang Petrochemical mes3.0 realizes monorail operation

recently, Sinopec Luoyang Branch mes3.0 system has realized monorail operation, and will continue to improve the statistical balance module to realize the data requirements of "daily balance, ten day confirmation, monthly settlement" and support the ERP system as soon as possible

m Lou Jianfeng suggests that es3.0 system inherits the advantages of 2.0 system. Through unified technical architecture, unified core database and unified plant model, it realizes the improvement of the consistency, adaptability and scalability of multi-level hierarchical material balance model, realizes the separation and parallel promotion of plant model, rules, solver and data, and enhances the redundancy, integration, operation performance and maintainability of the system, It can effectively shield the GPS signal, improve the controllability of the system configuration, and balance the small spring fatigue tester with fast parameter push time and high accuracy. At the same time, because the production capacity did not grow synchronously with the strong market demand, the system also added comprehensive display, scheduling electronic log function and headquarters production and operation command system interface

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