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Guangze cement pressure testing machine is a high-tech mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated product. The ecological environment bureau: investigate and deal with illegal waste water discharge. From April 23 to April 24, the law enforcement officers of Guangze County Ecological Environment Bureau found that a hidden pipe was buried outside the enclosure of Guangze County Jiahe Paper Co., Ltd. in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of the experimental data, In addition, milky waste water overflowed from partially damaged pipelines, and the water quality of surrounding streams was also white. It was suspected that Jiahe paper company secretly discharged waste water through private concealed pipes. The law enforcement personnel immediately divided into two ways. Some personnel continued to squat around the concealed pipe outside the plant to improve the bearing capacity, while others returned to the plant of the company for careful investigation

after on-site investigation and confirmation, the secretly discharged wastewater really came from the wastewater collection pool in Jiahe paper factory. Without any treatment, the wastewater was secretly discharged into the surrounding streams outside the factory through private concealed pipes, causing serious pollution to the water quality of the streams. The law enforcement personnel immediately ordered the company to stop production, coordinated the personnel to break the ground, found out the concealed pipes and directions privately set by the company, sampled, photographed and photographed the wastewater discharged on site for evidence collection, summoned the main person in charge of the company to make notes on site, etc. These words summarized the legal documents in the language of the project, and sealed up the company

Guangze Ecological Environment Bureau will make an administrative punishment decision according to the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution and other laws and regulations. The enterprise will face a fine of more than 100000, and the relevant people will also be severely punished by the law

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