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IOT drives CRM investment

recently, according to Gartner, CRM (customer relationship managem1, the role of reducer in tension machine ENT), that is, customer relationship management, refers to a digital tool to improve customer experience. CRM is driven by establishing a relationship with customer needs, covering all fields, and has begun to develop new uses

this trend conducive to the development of CRM is expected to continue. This is because, in a multi-channel environment, buyers pay great attention to the technology of contacting customers

gartner vice president of research said that in the next few years, CRM will become the center of digital activities. In order to maintain competitiveness, digital business is essential. In view of this, we must continue to ensure the investment in CRM business. The hot sectors of investment include mobile industry, social media and related technologies, page analysis, e-commerce and other commodity economies are highly developed today

cloud computing, social networking, mobile and big data join IOT. CRM is the main driving force leading cloud computing, social networking, mobile and big data technology. We can create things that have never been imagined before by connecting to the Internet

cars, buildings, and even chairs can be connected through the Internet. With the decline in the price of sensors and communication equipment, IOT is expected to usher in significant changes in the future. Especially in automobile, construction, health, tourism and other fields, we expect to make great breakthroughs. In the face of this change, marketing and customer service departments play the most important role

sales, marketing, customer service and communication departments should supervise marketing activities and participate in social networking and social business activities. The customer service department should make corresponding responses on Facebook and LinkedIn after the discussion. The sales department should collect information about potential customers and sources, and flexibly use social media

smart and tablet can pass the test ldquo; Spheroidization rate rdquo; The speed of updating computers is faster than in social networks. According to Gartner, the number of intelligent end users connected to the Internet exceeded the number of computer users in 2014. This has happened in many countries

it departments have to increase various devices to cope with the globalization trend of byod (bring your own device). The most disruptive device is the tablet. Employees and executives in the sales department have begun to buy and use tablets and ask for corresponding support

in the past five years, customer information has increased significantly, and the most affected department is the marketing department. Customer churn analysis, recommended products and services, business process analysis and prediction models have become more complex. Big data has been realized and new tools have begun to appear. However, the lack of ability and resources to use big data is still a problem

cloud computing and CRM have a long history of architecture. Both originated from application service providers in the 1990s. Gartner said that the company has achieved success in many fields, and the probability of combining CRM applications with the cloud in the future is not high. This means that the speed of cloud conversion will continue to slow down in the future

the co vice president emphasized that for the traditional and operation based CRM, he would continue to invest in these fields, so that the company would focus on customer experience, CSS, marketing and software sales

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