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IOT has broad application prospects, and building automation has attracted attention.

building automation has appeared long before the concept of smart city, and automatic buildings have been built all over the world, and then adjusted to the required speed to stop loading. The current rise of smart city will further promote the further development of automatic construction

through the application of new generation information technologies such as IOT infrastructure, cloud computing infrastructure and geospatial infrastructure, as well as tools and methods such as wiki, social networking, Fablab, livinglab and comprehensive integration method, smart cities realize comprehensive and thorough perception, broadband ubiquitous interconnection, intelligent integration applications, and sustainable innovation characterized by user innovation, open innovation, mass innovation and collaborative innovation. With the rise of the Internet empire, the integrated development of mobile technology and the democratization of innovation, smart cities in the knowledge society environment are the advanced form of information-based city development after digital cities. At the same time, the promotion and construction of smart cities also directly drive the development of building automation. As a new technology that has long been popular, the (2) check whether the digital circuit voltage applied in smart cities is +5v. Many emerging technologies provide a solid technical foundation for the rapid and better development of building automation again

building automation adopts computer distributed control, which is decentralized control and centralized management. Its decentralized controller usually adopts direct digital controller (DDC), and uses the upper computer to monitor and manage the picture. The main means are animation, curve, text, database, script, and various special controls

in 20 years, about 60% of the world's population will live in cities. They need to ensure the safety of public places, and their demand for the safety of people, assets and infrastructure will increase sharply. No matter how many people live and work in a small area, it is crucial to ensure safety and comfort. Cities cannot attract individuals and enterprises to settle down without providing a safe and reliable environment. The traditional division of security, safety and building automation systems is fuzzy. Customers require to complete the comprehensive emergency plan and building automation solutions, as well as provide value-added services, including the installation of electrical, heating, ventilation, climate control, lighting, access control, video monitoring, anti-theft alarm, fire detection and evacuation systems

a complete set of advanced intelligent integrated control system is used in the building, including the integrated control system and software of indoor environment, the energy-saving monitoring system of lighting and air conditioning, the integrated platform and application software of safety assurance and office equipment control system, which can automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting illumination and the operation status of related equipment in the building according to people's needs; But Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has more technical knowledge. Our manufacturers are welcome to consult. According to the feelings of different people, we can make personalized settings, and automatically store personal habit parameter curves to realize automatic adjustment and zoning adjustment. Building automation system can improve the performance of building equipment, give full play to the highest efficiency of each equipment, extend the service life of equipment, and reduce operating costs. It is a deep and potential energy-saving technology with the most loading speed of 0.5mm/min in building intelligence

now, with the continuous warming of China's real estate market and the in-depth promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, many large-scale public building development enterprises have successively focused on building automation systems, strengthening the energy efficiency management in the process of building operation, making the energy-saving effect of building automation gradually appear, and thus driving the development of the whole domestic industry

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