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IOT is an important opportunity for the development of power enterprises

currently, the United States ranks fifth. The external environment is complex and severe, and China's economy is changing from a high-speed growth stage to high-quality development. This year, the two sessions of the State Grid Corporation of China proposed to build a three type and two type enterprise, which opened up a new space for the company to meet challenges and achieve new development in a new era

how to seize the development opportunities of the energy revolution and the data revolution, create a comprehensive perception, efficient information processing, convenient and flexible application of ubiquitous power IOT, and constantly improve the quality, efficiency and efficiency of enterprise development? The author believes that we should take the construction of IOT infrastructure of power enterprises as the starting point, and focus on consolidation, enhancement, improvement and unimpeded, so as to help serve the high-quality development of power enterprises and economic society

consolidate the development of electric enterprises with IOT technology

IOT is an information communication system that extends and expands the interconnection, applies sensing, positioning, communication and computing technologies, realizes the connection between things, things and people, people and people, digitally reflects the physical world, and makes a series of reactions and operations through data processing. By using IOT technology, power enterprises can effectively diagnose internal operation problems, identify external needs, accurately locate business control nodes, better promote lean management, meet customers' diversified requirements, and quickly respond to market changes

from the perspective of technical architecture, IOT can be divided into perception layer, IOT layer, network layer and application layer. Among them, the perception layer is at the bottom of the architecture, which is the foundation of IOT application and development, including all kinds of information collection and information recognition equipment, and its main function is data collection; The IOT layer mainly relies on the computing platform and is responsible for the analysis and processing of perceptual acquisition data; The network layer can transmit data information through wired transmission and wireless transmission of mobile communication network; The application layer is the interface between IOT and users to realize the intelligent application of IOT

at present, the application of IOT technology will be based on the integration of existing power enterprise information systems and acquisition terminals, revitalize Pb level data resources, and increase the strength of digital power infrastructure. Based on the technical characteristics of the whole process of data perception, data analysis, data transmission and data application of IOT, IOT technology has great potential for internal production and operation businesses such as power enterprise planning and construction, scheduling control, operation and maintenance, as well as external service businesses such as marketing services, integrated energy services and electric vehicles

rely on IOT to enhance the internal perception of power enterprises

rely on IOT to further enhance the perception of power enterprises on production and operation, enhance the internal vitality of enterprises, enhance the ability to serve the economy and society, and help build a low-carbon, clean, safe and efficient energy system

planning and construction field. Based on the planning and design requirements, add sensors at the source of the equipment, and apply sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, artificial intelligence and 3D modeling technology to provide rich and multi angle information sources and strengthen the omni-directional perception of data. Using the perceived multi-dimensional information, strengthen data analysis, comprehensively evaluate the impact of external policies, investment potential and development plans on regional load, and achieve accurate load forecasting; The integrated load forecasting and the characteristics of local power structure are applied in the planning work of frame structure, station site layout, distribution and transformation, etc

scheduling control field. Speed up the coverage and acquisition accuracy of distribution automation, fully realize the three remotes of key nodes, provide data basis for intelligent analysis, and ensure the correct, fast and safe transmission of data to the terminal. Research the algorithm model suitable for scheduling scenarios, establish a data-driven, algorithm driven, and computing driven collaborative scheduling operation management system, and strengthen the ability of big data analysis. Explore the application of data analysis in the field of dispatching, improve the responsiveness of electricity to power supply customers and power plants, support the recent business layout of the company's comprehensive energy services, build a panoramic cognition and security defense of large-scale energy interconnection systems, and promote the transformation of menu prompt regulation mode from production-based regulation to production and service integration regulation

operation and maintenance. Make full use of mobile, sensor and other technologies, strengthen the R & D and application of new technologies such as intelligent robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, VR glasses and handheld terminals, and improve the efficiency of data acquisition. Timely perceive the equipment environment, climatic environment and other factors, comprehensively consider the equipment status, equipment load, switch action and other data, carry out the analysis and application of operation and maintenance data, accurately evaluate the equipment status, and formulate a more targeted inspection and maintenance plan. At the same time, build a data security classification system, clarify data assurance technology based on different security levels, open data permissions on the premise of ensuring security, promote the comprehensive online operation of operation inspection business processes, realize data interconnection, and ensure business execution efficiency and management smoothness

use IOT to improve the external service ability of power enterprises

rely on IOT to further improve the interaction ability between power enterprises and external users, make customers change from a single user to a participant in energy supply and services, improve customers' perception, interaction ability and participation, and fully tap the advantages of IOT technology on the user side

power marketing. Integrate multiple mobile applications and handheld terminals such as power distribution emergency repair, collection and operation maintenance, marketing mobile applications, etc., and design convenient and practical application functions to quickly enhance the sensitivity of services and user experience. In particular, we should actively promote front-end data fusion and reduce business processes by using IOT technology and concepts; At the same time, research the user access methods covering the amount of information such as water, electricity, gas, heating, etc., and put forward the transformation scheme of current stock users to support the differentiated needs of users

integrated energy services. Give full play to the core and scale advantages of the industrial chain of power enterprises, and build a comprehensive energy service platform that connects all links of the whole process of energy production and consumption; Formulate platform access and service standards, establish a data sharing service mode, and guide and standardize all entities to use the platform for project development and business innovation. Use big data analysis to integrate emerging enterprises in the field of energy production, manufacturing and services by means of investment, mergers and acquisitions, and improve the ability of cross-border innovation; Meet and create customer service needs, and explore innovative business areas of energy to promote economic and social development in combination with external information and urban livelihood data; Comprehensively analyze customers' behaviors, preferences and motivations, tap customers' potential needs, analyze the pain points of interaction with customers, optimize customer service channels, realize multi-channel integration, reduce service breakpoints, and enable customers to enjoy a continuous service experience. Perceive market changes through data analysis, master user needs, and provide comprehensive services such as multi energy optimization schemes and energy system planning for parks and integrated energy users; Establish an energy custody mode, distinguish the characteristics of users' energy consumption through user portraits, and provide targeted energy management, technical consulting and other comprehensive custody services

electric vehicle business area. Increase the input of user location data, vehicle enterprise data, electricity price information, etc., comprehensively analyze and integrate 5g service, driverless, electric vehicle to family, electric vehicle to electricity and other business data, and use the results of intelligent analysis to create more intelligent new elements, subvert the traditional electric vehicle service mode, and improve the support of IOT for the innovation of accurate pile finding intelligent interactive service experience

unblock the data interaction channel through IOT

to unblock the information interaction channel of IOT, we need a full range of information and communication networks, diversified terminal equipment facilities, huge data processing and computing infrastructure, adequate power supply, etc. The industrial attribute of power enterprises determines their inherent advantages in land resources, communication equipment, terminal facilities, energy supply and so on

power enterprises need to deeply study how to make full use of existing resources to carry out the efficiency improvement and commercial operation of communication optical fiber networks, wireless special and power towers. At the same time, actively explore the implementation plan of transforming the original substation into a substation, charging and replacement power station (energy storage station) and data center station, improve the efficiency of data perception, analysis and calculation, and further strengthen the integrated development of IOT and smart electricity. According to the data, at the same time, research on a new generation of customized smart meters, promote the popularity of smart homes, take smart meters and smart homes as the information carrier of user terminals, improve the frequency of information acquisition and interaction, timely predict user needs, environmental changes, market expectations and other factors, and realize the improvement of quality and efficiency of power enterprises and the convenience and quality of energy services through accurate analysis, reasonable response, and timely feedback

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