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Will IOT enterprises be listed in the future

the application of IOT technology is still in its infancy, and a mature industrial chain has not yet been formed. Under the continuous policies issued by the Chinese government, the pace of development of IOT has been further accelerated, and the formulation of its standards has also been mentioned on the agenda of the 12th Five Year Plan. Influenced by policy, capital, technology and other factors, IOT concept enterprises will be intensively listed in the next two to three years

rise to national strategy and incorporate it into the 12th Five Year Plan

Wang Zhonghong, Department of industrial economic research, development research center of the State Council, recently said that in the next decade, the investment in key application fields of IOT can reach 4trillion, the output can reach 8trillion, and 25million jobs will be formed, and the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT will also be issued soon

during the two sessions in early 2010, Premier Wen Jiabao first proposed the pressure test suspension and IOT of the control system to monitor the optional parameters of leakage in the government work report on the rapid development of the new material industry. Many representatives and members also focused on IOT and suggested that it should be taken as the development focus of the information industry. IOT has officially risen to a national strategy, which is of great significance for China to seize the commanding heights of the global industrial chain in the future

on October 18, 2010, the 17th five high-end resin, special rubber, engineering plastics and other advanced chemical materials conference of the fifth middle school passed the proposal of the CPC Central Committee on formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development. The 12th Five year plan makes it clear that strategic emerging industries are the key support objects of the country in the future, and the new generation of information technology is the top priority

industry experts said that the new generation of information technology mainly focuses on the next generation of communication networks, IOT, triple convergence, new flat panel displays, high-performance integrated circuits and high-end software, involving 3G, geospatial information industry, triple convergence and IOT. IOT has become a key word in the three special plans for science and technology, information industry and informatization in the 12th Five Year Plan

the industrial scale will exceed 200billion yuan, and the application prospect is broad.

IOT is an emerging field. While the IOT industry develops itself, it will promote the development of other industries, such as microelectronics technology, sensor components, automatic control, machine intelligence and a series of related industries, and the market profits it brings will be further expanded

at present, there are about 100million PCs used in China, and the demand for IOT terminals is far greater than this. The demand for 1billion information devices, 3billion intelligent electronic devices, 500billion microprocessors and more than trillions of sensors can be seen from the perspective of potential demand for terminals. The market space of IOT is far from the current interconnection. Moreover, as the business profit model of IOT market becomes clearer, a preliminary and complete IOT industrial market chain will be formed. At the same time, the three operators will be more eager to attract high-end consumer groups through IOT business in 2011. It is estimated that the industrial scale of core technology will reach 200billion yuan by 2015

the ten key areas of IOT applications are smart electricity, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, smart home, environment and safety detection, industry and automation control, medical health, fine agriculture and animal husbandry, finance and services, national defense and military, among which the total investment in smart electricity is expected to reach 2trillion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period, ranking first in the ten fields

at present, China has established a special standard, so the working group on near resonance vibration mechanization of rubber spring is adopted to seek a breakthrough in standardization. At the same time, European and American countries are also stepping up to seize the height of standardization. With the participation of international organizations such as ITU and ISO, 2011 will be the most effective year for the formulation of IOT standards, and also the most chaotic year for the right to speak

under the influence of advantageous policies and huge investment, we look back at the development track of Internet. In the coming years, there is likely to be a wave of listing of IOT enterprises. As for whether there will be a foam after the tide recedes, it is still unknown. After all, there are differences in the industrial characteristics and development environment between IOT and Internet

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