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The application of IOT industry blooms in many ways

[Guide: the application of IOT industry blooms in many ways. It is not limited to video surveillance, food traceability and other limited fields. It will also play a big role in the construction of large-scale systems such as intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, medical and health sharing platforms.]

at present, the application of IOT is not limited to video surveillance, food traceability and other limited fields. In transportation, electric power, construction, medical and other industries, IOT has blossomed at multiple points, and its application has been greatly developed in the construction of large-scale systems such as intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, medical and health sharing platforms

transportation industry:

car couplets help with transportation intelligence

the Ministry of transport issued the guidance on promoting the application of IC card and RFID technology in highway and waterway transportation industry last October. This document provides a systematic guide for RFID Application in intelligent transportation and modern logistics. In terms of intelligent transportation, rail transit, including trains and urban rail, extends the measurement object to local IOT applications; The car itself is intelligent. If the cars are connected, the traffic can be completely intelligent. Now some private cars with prices above 500000 yuan have hundreds of sensors

at present, IOT has also had some research and practical experience in vehicle and ship positioning systems, electronic non-stop toll collection on highways, and traffic infrastructure operation monitoring. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country have implemented road joint monitoring, traffic accident detection, and road conditions to avoid waste; High molecular biomimetic materials with water collection function are expected to make the collection of water in the air possible. For meteorological and other applications, the density of road detection information collection equipment is gradually increasing. Some highways have achieved full monitoring, and can dynamically supervise long-distance passenger transport vehicles of dangerous goods. By the end of last year, 16 provinces and cities across the country had carried out the construction of the etc (electronic non stop toll collection) system due to the air mixed in the oil, more than 500 toll stations had built more than 1100 etc lanes, and efforts were being made to promote the application of the etc system on highways. China has also independently developed a vehicle road coordination system with completely independent intellectual property rights, which has realized the functions of vehicle and lane automatic maintenance and vehicle road information interaction. These technologies have been applied experimentally in Xinjiang

power industry:

smart electricity and IOT interconnection

IOT has been widely used in the power system. State Grid Corporation of China has set up many IOT projects, such as substations. 3. Selecting trouser shaped samples: using trouser shaped samples is not sensitive to the length of the incision for patrol inspection, high-voltage meteorological state detection, high-voltage electrical equipment detection, intelligent power consumption and smart home, etc

smart electricity is the development trend of electricity in the future. Improving the ability of electricity to accept clean energy is the main work of smart electricity, which cannot be separated from the role of IOT. Smart electricity and IOT are interconnected. The lowest layer of the network is the perception layer, including smart home, distribution automation, power emergency repair, asset management, etc; The middle layer is the network transmission layer; The upper layer is the application layer. At present, the development of smart electricity of State Grid Corporation of China is the same as that of IOT. The focus of smart electricity is to realize the integration of information flow, electronic flow and business flow through informatization and interaction

construction industry:

promote the integration of intelligent buildings and digital cities

IOT can further integrate intelligent buildings and digital cities. At present, a building control system includes browser, fault analysis, energy consumption management, equipment monitoring and property management. These can be monitored and managed through the building equipment station, which can measure energy consumption for air conditioning heating, drainage, elevator, lighting, power supply and distribution. If integrated management is to be realized, the portal station of intelligent building can also manage building control, security, all-in-one card, etc. To realize the further integrated management of intelligent buildings and digital cities, sensors can be embedded in household, building control, industrial control, security, transportation and other equipment, and then connected with the Internet to realize equipment management, energy consumption management, inventory management, production management, service management, etc

if IOT is used in the maintenance and management of intelligent buildings, it is not necessary to set up a set of intelligent building maintenance and management team in each building. It is very convenient to use a cloud architecture for unified management. Cloud computing is mostly used in intelligent buildings for energy consumption measurement and energy conservation management system of building clusters. As long as a cloud computing platform is used to form a total energy consumption measurement and energy conservation management system to comprehensively integrate, maintain and manage intelligent buildings

Medical Industry:

provide safer medical and health services

RFID applications in the health sector focus on public health and medical and health security. In terms of public health, the establishment of a medical and health supervision and traceability system through RFID technology can realize the function of tracing the source of disease in the process of quarantine inspection, manage the pathogen carriers, and provide safer medical and health services for patients. In terms of community health care, a complete network platform is formed through IOT, so that the resources of the whole region can be shared, and the utilization rate of medical resources can be maximized, so that 20% of top-notch health experts can be shared by 80% of patients. Specifically, this platform can identify the patient's identity through labels and wristbands, and obtain the patient's previous medical information, so as to provide patients with timely, accurate and fair medical and health services

in terms of medical and health security, RFID has given great support in technology. By labeling drugs with identification codes, patients can get safe and effective protection wherever they buy drugs. In addition, it is very immoral to re implant waste medical devices into the human body. Similar problems are difficult to manage in the channel, but the safety management and tracking management of medical devices can be achieved through RFID technology

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