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Wuxi IOT industry is on a "prairie fire" trend

from the point and scattered application demonstration of the experimental field type, to the vertical linear application of the industry and industry, and then to the promotion and application at the national level, Wuxi IOT industry has started fission radiation after more than 4 years of exploration and practice

the IOT industry is on a prairie fire

from the dot like and decentralized application demonstration of the pilot field, to the vertical linear application of the industry and industry, and then to the promotion and application at the national level, Wuxi IOT industry has started fission radiation after more than 4 years of exploration and practice. A number of IOT application projects, such as the intelligent anti-theft system of electric vehicles and the intelligent management system of motor vehicles, have gone out of Wuxi and been promoted nationwide

jointly developed by Wuxi IOT Research Institute of China Mobile Group and Wuxi Branch of Jiangsu Mobile, the intelligent anti-theft application vehicle guard of electric bicycles based on IOT is familiar to Wuxi citizens. It systematically solves the social problem of anti-theft of electric bicycles. At present, this project has been affirmed by the Ministry of public security. The Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security have jointly formulated four relevant national standards, which are not only promoted throughout the province, but also introduced and copied by Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Hubei and other provinces. Jiangyin vehicle tracking monitoring system has been listed as a demonstration project of project 320 by Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, and has been popularized and applied in the whole province. The Ministry of public security has also held on-site meetings in Jiangyin City twice to learn the construction experience of the project, and has been popularized and applied in Wujiang, Suzhou high tech Zone and other regions

it is expected that three to five national industry competent departments will focus on the implementation and promotion of IOT application demonstration projects every year, which will be pilot verified in Wuxi, and will be applied and promoted at the national level on the basis of successful verification. Wuxi IOT project is radiating to the whole country, said Qi Hangfeng, director of Wuxi IOT industry promotion office. This year, Wuxi will focus on promoting the pilot implementation and nationwide replication of major industry application demonstration projects such as the IOT for vehicle identification of the Ministry of public security, the IOT for environmental protection of the Ministry of environmental protection, the medical IOT of the health and Family Planning Commission, the IOT for food and drug safety of the State Administration of food and drug administration, and the IOT for coal mine safety of the State Administration of work safety

behind the large-scale promotion and application, Wuxi has a decisive voice in the formulation of IOT standards. It is reported that Wuxi enterprises have led and participated in the determination of 18 international and national standards in the field of IOT. At present, more than 50% of IOT international standards are formulated by Wuxi

from the top ten application cases of Wuxi IOT in 2013 released at the beginning of the year, it can be seen that medical treatment, transportation, environmental protection, agriculture, elderly care, etc. are the focus of the IOT industry at present, which shows that in the choice of development path, some advanced refractory enterprises have begun to embark on the green development path, and the development focus of Wuxi IOT is on the fields of people's livelihood and social management. The traceability system developed by Sinosoft has been applied in dozens of meat and vegetable markets in Wuxi, realizing the whole process and all-round traceability from production and breeding to retail terminals. The Zhongnong aquaculture system was successfully applied in the 20000 mu crab pond in Wuxi, helping farmers increase their income by more than 1000 yuan per mu. With the listing and sale of smart homes and smart appliances based on IOT technology, IOT has become accessible, visible and affordable for ordinary people

according to the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology to avoid accidents, by the end of last year, 794 IOT enterprises had been included in the statistics, with more than 120000 employees, and the scale of IOT and related industries exceeded 140 billion yuan, with an increase of more than 30% for three consecutive years


the first smart home store opened in June

our reporter: can Wuxi citizens buy IOT goods on the market now? On Xihu East Road, the shop with number 1 signs smart home. It is learned that smart home products priced at about 10000 yuan will be available to the public in June

when you enter the store, the shelves are full of home safes, and you can't see the concept of smart home at all. Dai Hongchun, Secretary General of Wuxi Smart Home Alliance, said that the store opened before the Spring Festival and sold sensor technology products. At the beginning, the market positioning of the store was high-end, mainly selling to enterprise customers, but its performance was average. Based on the dull smart home market in Wuxi, the chamber of Commerce organized a free smart home experience for ordinary citizens at the beginning of this year. Consumers can install smart homes at home without spending money. After a certain period of free experience, they will consider whether to buy at a preferential price

Dai Hongchun said that smart home has actually been sold in Wuxi for a long time. For example, Despu company in the new area has sold robots to accompany children and smart plugs to control electrical switches. A business engaged in smart home sales has been doing so for more than two years. However, these products are either sold through small channels such as, Taobao stores, or simply for enterprises. The household market has received general response, so it can be seen that positioning is very important. At present, the smart home store is preparing for decoration and is expected to open in June, At that time, you can use the "Catalogue" of smart home model room in the store The new chemical materials listed are also the products that our industry is currently focusing on. We can experience the convenience brought by smart home on site: you can turn on the air conditioner at home through, and you can enjoy the air conditioner at home as soon as you get off work; When the old man is alone at home, once an accident occurs, he will send a message to his children; The windows in the home will be opened for ventilation and closed for shelter according to the perceived weather conditions, which will effectively enter the public life, and the cost of the whole system is about 10000 yuan. (

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