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The enthusiasm of IOT industry is upgraded again. The annual salary of middle-level talents of IOT is 20

recently, Hangzhou released the "Hangzhou IOT industry development plan (year)", which proposed that users are welcome to call for consultation business by 20: Yuan Gong initially formed an IOT industry group with an annual output value of 50billion yuan in 12 years, striving to achieve an annual output value of more than 100billion yuan by 2015, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%

this means that Hangzhou's enthusiasm for IOT industry has been upgraded

with the popularity of the concept of IOT, the talent competition of IOT also began, and the recruitment station opened a special IOT recruitment. Is there a shortage of talents in IOT? What is the most sought after talent? Yesterday, I interviewed relevant recruitment stations and headhunting companies

manufacturing talents can also be transferred to IOT

Lang Yue, the chief Talent Consultant of Hangzhou Hunter human resources company, told that IOT is indeed in short supply, and there is a shortage of talents in all aspects. Because IOT is an emerging industry, it is very popular everywhere. Now many companies are involved in IOT projects, so many IOT companies will be established, and there will be a shortage of talents

however, although IOT is an emerging major change concept to promote the production process, the requirements for technology are not new, there is no talent reengineering process, and ready-made it and manufacturing talents can be transferred

Lang Yueshi has also helped some IOT companies with human resources projects, and two of them have been listed on the gem and the SME board. Companies that have been listed need to recruit talents in all aspects of IOT, such as R & D, engineering, production quality, sales, etc. growth companies (referring to enterprises preparing to be listed) need to recruit marketing directors of branches around the country

is there any difference between IOT talents and other technical talents in terms of salary? In terms of salary, there is no particularity, mainly according to the post level. In a growing company, the salary may not be very high, but some equity will be given; If a listed company has a strong ability to pay, the salary will be higher. The annual salary of the middle-level person in charge will be about 10000 yuan

Zhejiang enterprises are in urgent need of technical talents

the demand for talents of IOT enterprises has also attracted the attention of recruitment stations. Digital talents have opened a special IOT recruitment under their own banner. Yesterday, I saw at the station that the demand for talents in IOT intelligent transportation is very hot. More than half of the latest recruitment positions in IOT industry displayed on the intelligent transportation products, intelligent transportation systems, intelligent transportation engineers and intelligent transportation project managers station are related to intelligent transportation

Mr. Yang, who is responsible for the publicity work of the station, said that from the information released by the enterprise to the station, IOT enterprises recruit the most salespeople. However, the looseness of the inverted a oil pump belt does not mean that there is the greatest shortage of sales talents, but that there is a general shortage of talents in the IOT industry, from salespersons to engineers to management

on this site, it is found that Zhejiang IOT enterprises have a relatively large demand for technical talents. For example, application software development engineer, construction engineer, project implementation engineer (intelligent transportation industry), software testing engineer, project management engineer, industrial design engineer, software R & D Engineer, etc. For technicians, most employers require working experience, and the working years should be at least 1 year

at the same time, Zhejiang IOT enterprises also have a great demand for talents in market planning and promotion, and the working years are generally required to be more than 3 years

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