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The talent training plan of IOT is imminent.

in Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters, the handsome protagonist can break the limitations of time and space and achieve long-distance exotic control: a voice command can automatically drive your car to the destination, a text message can make everything at all corners of the home invisible, and a sleep button can turn off all water, electricity, gas and windows at home, The indoor warning system and outdoor lighting are activated. These seemingly unreachable screen technology fantasies have become accessible in the era of IOT. In the near future, these intelligent scenes will be realized one by one

in August 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed to perceive China, so IOT was listed as one of the national strategic emerging industries and officially written into the government work report. This makes IOT set off an industrial storm in the society. The overall benefit can increase the gross profit margin by 6% to 8%. Smart electricity, smart transportation, smart medicine, smart agriculture and animal husbandry, smart building, smart industry, smart military and other hot words appear in front of everyone, and people are increasingly looking forward to the bright future brought by the era of IOT. However, the development process of every new thing is tortuous. At present, IOT has gradually entered a bottleneck, mainly due to the lack of IOT elites. Looking at the large and small IOT enterprises in China, we found that at this stage, the Kunlun Coast actually took up the important task of IOT to support the IOT technology system with practical actions

exposure! IOT talent cultivation plan unveiled in Beijing

recently, a IOT talent cultivation plan has quietly become popular in Beijing, attracting great attention from people in the IOT industry. This training program is called by experts as the rain of IOT. Its emergence will inject fresh blood into the IOT industry and promote IOT to a higher platform. Experts further explained that although IOT has developed rapidly in recent years, there is still a lack of professional IOT compound talents in the industry, and the lack of IOT elites is not enough to support the faster development of the whole industry. Such a talent cultivation plan of IOT can just solve the problem of the IOT industry

through a series of interviews and investigations, it is found that this IOT talent cultivation plan was launched by Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. Recently, the first training plan of Kunlun Coast has been exposed. It is understood that from March 8 to 14 this month, Kunlun Coast convened more than 50 IOT elites from all over the country in Beijing to carry out a 7-day IOT application technology seminar, which carried out detailed explanation and practical training on IOT technologies and products that are currently in the international leading position

then connected with the relevant person in charge of Kunlun coast, who told that this talent training plan was put forward by experts in the industry after many times of analysis and Thinking on the current situation of China IOT. The first training plan held this month achieved remarkable results and was highly appreciated by the participants. The person in charge also revealed that in the future, the Kunlun Coast will prepare for a larger and more influential Talent Gathering and training work to form a scientific system of sustainable research 5. Creep experiment machine learning training plan, so as to reserve elite talents for the follow-up development of China IOT

IOT is extremely hot, and the talent cultivation plan is imminent. 3. When calibrating the material testing machine, the measurement of the entry and return error should not take the driven pointer.

in recent years, IOT has become one of the important strategic commanding heights of many countries. Countries around the world have launched core technical forces in an attempt to overcome this post IP but era technology field, and become a leading country to promote and lead the future world economic development. The European IOT action plan, the smart electricity and smart earth proposed by the United States, the IOT u society of Japan and South Korea, and so on, IOT has become popular all over the world

in China, Premier Wen Jiabao first proposed the IOT strategy of perceiving China in 2009, which set off a long series of IOT effects in China. Beijing plans to build the first IOT application resource sharing service, information exchange, sensing information network, supercomputing and other common basic support platforms in 2012, and complete dozens of demonstration application parks in the three aspects of government, society and enterprises. Wuxi plans to build a park with an output value of 250billion yuan within five years, while Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shandong, Chengdu and other cities have also stepped into the field of IOT, and are not willing to be outdone. At the Haier technology conference held in Qingdao, Haier even released the world's first IOT refrigerator, realizing the intelligent dialogue between people and refrigerators and food, once again pushing IOT in front of the flash

nowadays, IOT, which has lasted for one and a half years in China, continues to be popular, and its tentacles have gradually extended from video surveillance and food traceability to intelligent transportation, intelligent power, intelligent medical treatment and intelligent building industries. At the same time, industry experts have also seen the deficiencies in the development of IOT: IOT has a strong momentum of development, but it has insufficient stamina, which is manifested in the lack of unified and coordinated deployment of regional and industrial IOT; IOT standardization system has not been established; The restriction ability of IOT core technology is weak; Poor data security and personal privacy confidentiality; Lack of compound talents and so on. Among them, the lack of talents is particularly serious

Driven by the times, Kunlun coast shows a sense of society

at this stage of the development of the era of the Internet of things, it is time to constantly supplement the reserve forces. Nowadays, in order to avoid the weakness of the IOT industry, every enterprise is constantly reserving its own elite forces as much as possible for fear of being eliminated in the fierce competition. Few domestic enterprises will stand at the height of the industry and resource sharing to gather talents in the field of IOT, optimize and train them, and work together to build a solid reserve force for IOT

I learned that Kunlun coast is one of the few enterprises that walk in the front line of IOT and do their bit for the society. Kunlun Coast dare to be the first, shoulder the heavy responsibility of the era of IOT, and take the lead in formulating a systematic plan for the cultivation of IOT talents. It not only brings together IOT elites from all over the country, but also shares and discusses professional IOT theory and practical technology, which not only realizes the popularization of IOT high-tech in China, but also promotes the rapid development of IOT industry

it is understood that as the initiator and pioneer of IOT application technology, Kunlun coast is the implementation unit of the technology industry transformation project of the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, and it is also the key supporting enterprise of IOT by the municipal government. It has intellectual property rights of dozens of patents for inventions and utility models, software copyrights and other proprietary technologies. Kunlun coast is the most powerful IOT enterprise in China

experts said that this IOT talent training plan of Kunlun coast was derived from the era of IOT, which reflects the social sense that Kunlun Coast regards the lack and difficulty of talents of today's IOT as its own responsibility. It is believed that this talent training plan of IOT will affect more elites in the IOT industry and provide a more solid technical force for China IOT

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