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Chengdu IOT industry will form a scale of 10 billion

on September 17, it was learned from the unveiling ceremony of Chengdu high tech IOT technology application engineering center that Chengdu high tech Zone will build a high-end IOT industry, strive to complete the construction of two centers by 2012, cultivate 6 leading enterprises and gather 100 IOT enterprises, forming an industrial scale of 10 billion yuan

facilitate the accurate selection and dispensing of detection points; It is understood that the Chengdu high tech Zone has formulated a work plan to promote the IOT industry, build the IOT information security center, the IOT Technology Application Engineering Center, build the IOT Industrial Science and Technology Park, and cultivate the Chengdu IOT industrial technology innovation union. 4. The selection of electronic universal testing machine makes it an excellent choice for pumps and some other uses. There are cut right angle samples: the cut right angle samples are the pre cut union of the samples, Build a service system for government, industry, University and research, a promotion system for demonstration projects, an investment promotion and cultivation system for missing links in the industrial chain, and a whole process operation system for IOT, and grasp the high-end IOT industry such as sensing elements, system integration, and platform operation

at present, Chengdu high tech Zone has gathered nearly 30 backbone enterprises in the field of IOT industry, represented by Jiuzhou electronics, 30 group, Jiuyuan new direction, Guoteng electronics, Pushi information, Dingtian logo, Polian, Yunyi, etc., with strong R & D strength in RFID, application software, middleware, information security, etc., and has formed a certain scale in IOT applications such as intelligent transportation, food traceability, safety supervision, etc. Among them, the Chengdu CNG information integrated supervision system project, one of the Chengdu IOT demonstration application projects jointly won by enterprises in the District, and the China Pharmaceutical IOT, static traffic management platform and other projects have been applied in many cities in China

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