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IOT is highly valued or becomes a new driving force for economic development

the State Council recently approved the development planning outline of Wuxi National sensor Innovation Demonstration Zone (2012-2020), which is the first national IOT planning outline in China. The State Council requires relevant departments to formulate and issue specific policies and measures in accordance with the requirements of the planning outline, including planning implementation, project arrangement, fiscal and tax concessions, financial services Give active support to talent construction and other aspects. It is understood that the Ministry of industry and information technology will allocate a special fund of 500million yuan for IOT (i.e. "sensing") in 2012 to centrally support the development of Wuxi IOT. At present, the relevant operating rules are being formulated

insiders said that 6. Press the lifting button of the middle crossbeam, which indicates that IOT has been recognized as a new driving force for economic development (310328, fund bar). Although the role of IOT is still limited, it indicates that the great prospect is beyond doubt

experts said that IOT has developed rapidly in the past two years, especially since the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Since the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "12th Five Year" development plan of IOT, it has gradually stepped on the right track. The "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of IOT has established the rapid development of IOT industry in the next five years, and perceived manufacturing has become the key support and promotion direction of the plan. The Ministry of industry and information technology predicts that the scale of IOT industry will reach more than 500billion by 2015, with an average annual growth rate of about 11%

Wuxi, a city famous for its "perception of China" center of IOT, has always been in the forefront of the country in the development of IOT industry. In 2011, there were 93 IOT application demonstration projects under construction in Wuxi Jun natural bio based polymer materials overview project, involving power, transportation, environmental protection, medical and other fields, with a total investment of 2.081 billion yuan. Since 2012, Wuxi Municipal Finance has set up a special fund for IOT of 200million yuan per year, and the district finance has provided allocation of 3. 5% Sample rack quality: 15g+2g sets of funds to jointly support the development of IOT

insiders said that although there are some problems in the development of IOT in China, such as the lack of uniformity of technical standards, some confusion in the market, and the implementation of the application is still continuing, with the gradual deepening of China's IOT technology application and industrial development, China's IOT development has already possessed some common characteristics of the development of international IOT, and also presented some distinctive Chinese characteristics and stage characteristics

experts suggest that at present, it is in the initial stage of research and development and large-scale application of key technologies of IOT. It is most important to quickly break through the bottleneck technology of large-scale industrialization this year and seize the commanding height. Only in this way can China's IOT cause continue to maintain its leading position, occupy the commanding height and take the initiative in the international competition. In addition, it is difficult to establish an effective industrial environment by relying solely on government investment. Only by establishing an effective business model can industrial development truly enter a virtuous circle

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