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"IOT" fever: opportunity or foam

on the informatization and urban development of the first theme forum of the Shanghai WorldExpo held a few days ago, authoritative information technology experts from all over the world talked about the IOT. They generally believe that IOT will bring disruptive changes to human life; At the same time, it also reminds us to plan well and avoid repeating the mistakes of the Internet foam. Please pay attention to

when many people will confuse the two concepts with similar pronunciation, IOT concept stocks have soared, local governments have issued support policies, and even Wenzhou private hot money is ready to fry IOT

make life safer, greener and freer

what is IOT? What changes will IOT bring to human society

Wang Jianzhou, chairman and general manager of China Mobile Communications Corporation, explained that IOT takes down all kinds of data and information of objects in real time through sensing devices, transmits them to the processing layer through interconnection, and then uses cloud computing and fuzzy recognition technology to process the received information into useful information for production, life, work and operation. For example, we are also cooperating with the Ministry of agriculture to use QR codes to record the growth process of cattle, sheep and other livestock, and then we can use ordinary ones to check the whole process of beef production. IOT technology can play a great role in ensuring food safety. 3.3 calculation formula of smooth intersection frequency of acceleration and displacement

Nelly cross, vice president of the European Commission, said that recently in Europe, scientists installed more than 20000 sensors in a building. The air conditioner in the building used to cost a lot of electricity, but by installing sensors, it can save 30% energy. He said that in the EU region, the energy consumption of buildings accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption. If the energy consumption of buildings in the EU can be reduced by 30%, it means that the total energy consumption in the EU region has decreased by 8% to 10%. This is of great significance to control carbon emissions

Gan Wenwei, President of General Motors China, pointed out that the current DNA of the car is the same as that of general motors when it was founded 100 years ago: it relies on mechanical control and drives independently on an individual basis. In the future, we can connect people, cars, non motor vehicles, buildings and infrastructure through wireless networks. For example, the car can move freely like a school of fish in the deep sea. You can cross the intersection safely without traffic lights. You can call the car to your side with a remote control, and you can also let the car go to the parking lot by itself. Such car coupling technology not only makes cars cleaner and more environmentally friendly, avoids traffic accidents, but also realizes automatic driving of vehicles, so that more people can enjoy the freedom of movement, and the elderly and disabled can also travel freely

IOT has not yet grown into a cash cow

now, IOT is regarded as the next super trillion yuan industry by the industry. The government has taken IOT as a new economic growth point and a booster for transformation and upgrading of China's experimental steel samples from foreign spring steel sup6. Recently, the stock price of IOT concept has soared, and the production of high value-added aluminum alloy has been proposed. The enterprises selling sensors have also made a lot of money. No one doubts that there are huge business opportunities in it. However, does IOT itself really have such a large amount of gold? Is this really an unimaginable rich mine

Liu Jiren, chairman of Neusoft group, pointed out that many people now deify IOT and cloud computing. In fact, it's not so magical. This is an extension of some technologies in the past. In the final analysis, it adds the application of sensing devices on the basis of interconnection, and connects objects with each other through cameras, chips, etc. Technology must serve economic development in order to create value. We still need to study what applications need them more and how these two technologies create value in society

Wu Hequan, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said: at present, the benefits brought by IOT are mainly indirect and less direct. Indirect benefits come from the integration and rational use of resources, which is the greatest Gospel brought by IOT to mankind

he pointed out that the phenomenon of blindly believing that importing some sensing devices from abroad to assemble, buying and selling them can make a fortune, and the stock will rush up cannot last long. This kind of stock will come down when it goes up. The business opportunities brought by IOT are not entirely hardware equipment. If you have the ability to do specific industry analysis and achieve the grafting and application of information technology and specific industries, those who get the first mover will certainly be able to grasp business opportunities

beware of repeating the mistakes of the Internet foam

after Microsoft proposed cloud computing, others proposed wind computing, sea computing, and the invention of the concept of IOT, now there is car connect. These cutting-edge information technology concepts are dazzling. Nowadays, many places have launched sensor industrial parks, and many enterprises have also used the concept of cloud computing to enclose money and land. Private hot money is eager to try. What should we think of this upsurge

jiangmianheng, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: now, there is a nationwide IOT fever. I think at this time, we should keep a clear head, just like when the Internet just started in 1995, we encountered the bursting of the Internet foam in 2000

Wu Hequan pointed out that there is a nationwide IOT fever. On the one hand, there is a government fever. Local governments have launched IOT projects one after another, and on the other hand, there is a small enterprise fever. Taking the opportunity to resell sensor equipment, they use the concept of IOT to encircle land and money. This phenomenon has appeared. IOT is a good thing, but we should prevent foam and redundant construction. Under the call of the low-carbon concept, the production of wind power and photovoltaic equipment rushed into mass action and repeated construction, resulting in overcapacity. IOT is the general trend of information development, but the launch of IOT project should pay attention to avoid repeating the mistakes and avoiding foam

for example, he said: from 1995 to 2000, when the concept of interconnection was the hottest, many enterprises invested in the production of optical fibers, resulting in the fact that optical fibers are now cheaper than noodles in terms of length. The development of IOT also faces this problem, which requires the government to make a good plan and not blindly start

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