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Purchase Yuhong Waterproof Paint 800 anti-counterfeiting and no anti-counterfeiting

purchase Yuhong Waterproof Paint 800 anti-counterfeiting and no anti-counterfeiting

December 10, 2007

[China paint information] recently, I encountered a worry while I was decorating. The toilet that has done waterproof engineering apparently seeps water downstairs. An expert is invited to have a look, but he is told that the waterproof materials are fake and shoddy products. I wonder that the manufacturer's 800 anti-counterfeiting is clearly posted on the Yuhong brand hca-100 acrylic waterproof paint I bought in the building materials store in the community. I have also verified that the product is a regular and qualified product. Is there any fake 800 anti-counterfeiting? Can you believe 800 anti-counterfeiting in the future? With the same questions, ask the relevant departments about the situation

counterfeit 800 is impossible to prevent

"nowadays, more and more enterprises have applied for 800 free query in order to protect their own interests and the interests of consumers. Users can verify the authenticity of products as soon as they dial. Therefore, consumers trust products with 800 free query relatively. However, some illegal vendors use consumers' trust in 800 anti-counterfeiting to declare counterfeit 800 to deceive consumers". Yesterday, the data collection and test system showed the change curve of friction coefficient and friction pair equivalent resistance characteristics with time in real time, which was disclosed to the staff of the Secretariat of the provincial consumers' Association

in the interview, it was found that many consumers were fooled by counterfeit 800 anti-counterfeiting. Miss Zhao of Nanjing Lantian advertising company once tempered his will by this process and was fooled by the fake 800 anti-counterfeiting

Miss Zhao told that last month, the Epson printer cartridge in her company was broken and needed to buy a new one. However, she had heard that the Epson ink cartridge could be checked for authenticity through 800. Therefore, when she bought the Epson ink cartridge, she saw that the package was printed with 8, and these patent technical barriers hindered the manufacturers of China's RMB 3 materials from entering the international major factory 00. She immediately dialed the number and heard the prompt that "what is purchased is authentic", Miss Zhao confidently brought "Epson" back to the unit

"later, when I logged in to Epson's official website, I found that the real anti-counterfeiting was completely different from the one I dialed when I bought it. Then I knew that I had been cheated. It was really annoying that criminals took advantage of consumers' trust in 800!" Miss Cao is indignant about this

any unit or individual is qualified to open 800 service

yesterday afternoon, I called the customer service of Chinatelecom Nanjing Branch. The company's customer service staff No. 1591 introduced to me that the full name of 800 is "called centralized payment service". After the users who need to start this service have gone through the registration procedures in the telecommunications department, the telecommunications department will assign users a number headed by "800". The account opening fee is 100 yuan at a time, and the basic monthly use fee is 50 yuan after opening

is any unit or individual qualified to open 800 service? "1591" indicates that it is not complicated to open 800 business. It only needs to provide the name, address and contact of the unit or individual. The registered user of the unit carries relevant supporting materials, such as the business license and the ID card of the handler. The private registered user carries the ID card to handle the opening procedures. After paying the corresponding fees, the 800 business can be opened, and there is no limit on the number of opening numbers

in response to the phenomenon that some merchants deliberately registered 800 as a counterfeit and anti-counterfeiting service, the staff member said that 800 is not necessarily anti-counterfeiting. The reason why the telecom department launched the "800 called centralized payment service" is because of the needs of the market. The 800 number is simple and easy to remember, which can further strengthen the relationship between enterprises and users. However, the service of the telecommunications department is only responsible for providing the number. As for how the enterprise applying for the number uses the number, it is the freedom of the applicant

Ju Susheng, Secretary General of the provincial consumers' Association, said that since it is not difficult to apply for 800, some unscrupulous businesses take advantage of consumers' trust in 800 anti-counterfeiting and use their own factories or homes as customer service and anti-counterfeiting inquiries, and even some businesses directly transfer 800 to their bosses through call transfer. In this way, consumers buy their fake products and call the fake one, which results in a part of waste. Of course, they buy authentic products. Not only that, but what's more, they directly connect an intelligent voice switch to the 800 they applied for to counterfeit the anti-counterfeiting authentication system, making it better to confuse the fake with the real, making consumers unable to prevent

therefore, he reminded consumers that the purpose of counterfeit 800 anti-counterfeiting is often to pretend to be a famous brand, so consumers should not be credulous about the anti-counterfeiting on the product packaging. It is best to conduct market research before purchasing the product, determine the brand, type and model of the product to be purchased, write down the correct anti-counterfeiting, and then prepare for it. Or call 114 to contact the real manufacturer directly. Although it is more troublesome to learn the correct anti-counterfeiting information, it is still worth buying the real goods

Hao Dangquan, a lawyer from Jiangsu weishide law firm, told that for those enterprises used for anti-counterfeiting inquiry, the telecommunications department should be as strict and thorough in their application procedures and processes as the anti-counterfeiting certification center to ensure the production and operation qualifications of the enterprises applying for it. For enterprises that do not apply for anti-counterfeiting inquiry, the relevant departments should also formulate a series of supervision and management mechanisms to ensure that the enterprises do not use 800 for other purposes. In addition, the relevant departments should also strengthen the improvement and perfection of the regulatory mechanism. After all, the crackdown on counterfeit goods cannot rely solely on consumers

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