After the printing and packaging enterprises in th

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After the printing and packaging enterprises in places were driven into the park, some factories could not hear the sound of machines

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core tip: we know that once an enterprise that has existed for many years is forced to move, it will face the cost of moving hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions, the loss of skilled employees and the loss of customers. Facing the severe environmental protection situation, many local printing and packaging enterprises have to move to the Industrial Park cluster area on the tall and tall. However, the situation of some enterprises after entering the park is embarrassing

in Anji County Development Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, nearly 300 printing and packaging enterprises gather here, which is a well-known printing and packaging industrial zone. However, it seems that there is such a large number of printing and packaging enterprises gathering area, but there is an extremely embarrassing phenomenon: in some factories, the sound of machines is heard all the time, and the workers and masters hurry to catch up with orders; However, some printing plants often have the dilemma of no business, and the latter is almost the current situation of the vast majority of printing and packaging enterprises here

no industrial manufactured goods can be separated from packaging. Nowadays, although it has entered the Internet era, the traditional packaging and printing industry is still very important, as can be seen from some large-scale enterprises in the county. So why is there a difference between "business" and "no business"

the current situation of printing and packaging industry in Anji County: there are few large-scale enterprises, and there are many "low, small and scattered" enterprises

relevant data show that at present, there are 184 licensed printing plants and 104 packaging and decoration printing enterprises in Anji County, which has surpassed the surrounding Brother counties and districts such as Changxing and Deqing. "Packaging and decoration printing enterprises belong to the printing category. Because there are many Anji swivel chair manufacturers, such enterprises can survive." Hu Jia, President of the County printing industry association, said

interior view of packaging and printing enterprises

in fact, among these enterprises, there are few large-scale enterprises, only seven or eight enterprises with an annual output value of more than 30million yuan, and only 15 factories with more than 20 workers. Most of them belong to enterprises that "take social, product performance and environmental protection factors into full consideration in these standards". "To be exact, most of them are small workshops, which do cartons themselves, with printing business." a small shop, a printing machine, a few workers, dirty and messy environment "is the best portrayal of such enterprises." Hu Jia introduced

"low, small and scattered" is also reflected in the lack of qualification. Hu Jia said that the packaging and printing enterprises should at least have two kinds of certificates: the printing industry license and the industrial and commercial business license. Because the printing license requires environmental impact assessment, many "low, small and scattered" enterprises cannot do environmental impact assessment because they have not entered the park, so the printing license cannot be obtained

secondly, these enterprises have great potential safety hazards. It is very unsafe to pile up flammable sundries together. In addition, there is a great possibility of illegal construction by renting some attached houses in the village

the third is sewage discharge, because there is no environmental assessment index, it can not meet the discharge standard, which has a great impact on the environment

investigate the reason: the threshold of the printing and packaging industry has been reduced

analyze the reason, the relevant person in charge of the Industry Association believes that the first is the reduction of the threshold of the industry. It is reported that since last year, the packaging and decoration printing industry has relaxed the licensing conditions, from two printing machines to one, while the conditions such as capital verification and area have been relaxed in early years. At the same time, in recent years, Anji swivel chair enterprises have gradually increased, the demand for industrial packaging is rising, and the industry supervision has not reached the standardized management, which is bound to lead to "chaos"

"at present, the annual output value of the packaging and printing industry in our county is basically between 2-3 billion yuan, accounting for a low proportion in the total industrial output value, which also means that the total demand of the industry is not large, so a large number of manufacturers is also easy to cause vicious competition." Hu Jia revealed that at present, there is a phenomenon of oversupply and repeated investment in the industry

future prospects: conform to the market and be bright

in contrast, packaging and printing belong to the traditional industry. In the Internet era, some people will ask, will this industry be eliminated

"according to the current trend, there is no way to be eliminated." Mei Kai, the relevant person in charge of the administrative law enforcement brigade of the county cultural market, said that the printing industry is divided into three levels, namely, publication printing, packaging and decoration printing and other printing. At present, only one enterprise in Anji County can undertake the publication printing business. "It can be said that with the development of social economy, only a certain part of the printing industry is affected, that is, the market of color single pages, advertising brochures and other markets are gradually replaced by multimedia, and the business has plummeted, but the color packaging market is rising." He said

the reason is that nowadays, with the improvement of living conditions and the increasing number of people buying high-end products, real high-end products still need high-quality packaging, so the market share of packaging, decoration and printing has increased in recent years. According to the data, in recent years, the total industrial output value of 40billion yuan, packaging, decoration and printing in Anji County originally accounted for 3% - 5%, and has accounted for 6% - 9% since 2014

the person in charge of a packaging enterprise said, "only by following the market trend, actively embracing the Internet and accelerating the pace of transformation can we gain a firm foothold." At the same time, it also comes from the continuous cost investment of enterprises, which can catch up with advanced technology through machine replacement, and finally win the market opportunity

orderly development, "park based" production to find a way out

the market of the packaging industry is a "barometer" of industrial production and marketing to a certain extent. In the face of emerging problems and market prospects, how can the packaging and printing industry seek a healthy and sustainable development path

"as early as a few years ago, we had an idea to alleviate a series of irregular production behaviors of 'low, small and scattered' enterprises through 'Park Based' centralized production." Mei Kai admitted that the primary factor of "park based" production is the land index, which is difficult to solve from the government level. Therefore, local enterprises sprouted the idea of renting factories, intending to concentrate these enterprises in the park to solve the problems of illegal factories, environmental protection emissions, logistics and so on at one time

in this regard, industry insiders believe that the "park based" production method is very good. The biggest advantage is that in addition to helping "low, small and scattered" enterprises solve substantive problems, it can also form an industry "industrial chain" and finally achieve benign and orderly competition. "However, the operability of this method depends on whether the 'low, small and scattered' enterprises are willing to come, because these enterprises need to consider factors such as enterprise cost, geographical location, etc." The insiders said

some people have also proposed whether the government can introduce relevant policies to encourage "low, small and scattered" enterprises to actively enter the park through preferential policies such as tax reduction for enterprises entering the park and providing discount loans; In addition, relevant departments and industry associations can provide them with training and learning opportunities, so that "low, small and scattered" business owners can master more new knowledge, broaden their horizons, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the industry. Of course, relevant departments should also strictly supervise and promote the survival of the fittest

"there is another point that cannot be ignored. Now there is a phenomenon of oversupply and repeated investment in the market. If enterprises enter the park, can they be classified to reduce repeated investment and optimize the industrial structure?" The relevant person in charge of the administrative law enforcement brigade of the county cultural market said that a number of large-scale enterprises should also play a leading role in demonstrating and driving the healthy and orderly development of growing and creative small enterprises

if the printing and packaging enterprises implement the "Park", how will it affect

in fact, judging from the current situation of the printing and packaging industry, the conditions for implementing "Park" are not very mature. If this "overhead" policy is enforced, it will make things worse for printing and packaging enterprises, which are already struggling to survive

not to mention the huge cost losses caused by a series of production stoppages and missed work before and after moving out, it is not easy for local printing and packaging enterprises to accumulate resources and contacts. Once they leave, they not only need to seek resource cooperation again, but also face the dilemma of large-scale brain drain within the enterprise

the establishment of "Park" is not an overnight thing. Only by considering the printing and packaging enterprises and being close to their fundamental interests can we truly embark on the road of "Park making the universal tensile testing machine impossible"

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