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Fanolantai RFID tag brings convenience to retailers

the RFID (radio frequency identification) tag of fanolantai tag can help retailers ensure the accurate classification of existing food, and ensure that all links of the supply chain comply with the relevant regulations that have been adopted and recognized. For products with RFID tags, they can be monitored in the whole supply chain from origin, production to transportation to the point of sale, so as to avoid the situation that the packaging identification such as product origin is inconsistent with the actual situation. In addition, the expiration date of fresh consumer goods can be highlighted on the fanolantai label

because it may take a long way to transport food from the origin to the country/region of final use, it is extremely important for products to have complete packaging marks and to handle products in accordance with regulations. Products that exceed the latest sales date or fail to comply with the regulations at any link of the supply chain can be easily identified through the performance technology of RFID tags. When reading the data on the tag, the RFID system can inform the salesperson of the product information that exceeds the latest sales date. This design of RFID system can minimize the probability of human error. Products that are no longer suitable for sale can be quickly identified and immediately removed from the shelves, thereby ensuring the safety and health of consumers

in practice, the products are labeled in the production stage, and the relevant data will be transferred to the global database when the products are sold. After that, both manufacturers and buyers can monitor the whole supply chain. Traditional barcode readers used in warehouses and stores need to be upgraded to read data in RFID tags. In this way, real-time data can be collected into the database wirelessly. In the future, consumers can use devices to understand the whole process of products from the origin to the store, which is similar to the devices currently used to check the correct price information. Mikk, the RFID Business Development Director of fanou Lantai tag, has greatly improved the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials, Mr. nikkanen said

with the continuous change of food prices, consumers have higher and higher requirements for food quality. Mr. nikkanen stressed that the use of RFID in the export market is a valuable advantage for high-quality meat producers. In addition, using RFID technology, retailers can make the internal logistics chain more transparent, thereby improving the efficiency of the logistics chain. Another important advantage is that RFID tags can also be used for anti-theft alarm. The investment in this label can be quickly rewarded, because many business areas benefit from the special measurement system of dosaflex label launched by Krones Ag from Germany, which is used to measure block products with a volume of up to 3x3x3 mm

nestl and other international food manufacturers have begun to apply the RFID tag of fenolantai tag

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