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Far east carbon fiber composite core conductor won the bid for Wuhan power construction project

Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd. continued to promote the strategy of green development and sustainable development, actively developed and promoted energy-saving products, and achieved fruitful results. Its jrlx/t carbon fiber composite core conductor has been put into operation in more than 100 transmission lines in Fujian, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shanxi, Tianjin, Shenzhen and other provinces and autonomous regions, It runs well and is highly praised by users. Recently, the carbon fiber composite conductor developed and produced by far east Composite Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for a power construction project in Wuhan again

over the years, the Far East has always paid attention to the low-carbon economy and insisted on green development as the top priority. The sales share of new products developed every year has increased year by year, and these new products are in line with global technology, aiming at the forefront of energy conservation and environmental protection. Traditional electricity not only uses a large amount of PVC, and then sends it to a single-chip computer for processing aluminum, copper, etc., but also needs to requisition a large amount of land, resulting in a waste of raw materials and resources, which also brings serious pollution. Far east not only insists on improving energy conservation and emission reduction from the perspective of management and reducing environmental pollution, but also solves the problem through technology

the carbon fiber composite core conductor produced by far east Composite Technology Co., Ltd. with magnesium alloy of 45kg for single vehicle has the remarkable characteristics of light weight, high strength, low line loss, low sag, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and environmental compatibility. Compared with traditional wires, carbon fiber composite core wires only occupy 50% of aluminum, but the service life is increased from 30 years to 80 years; At the same time, when watching the live broadcast of the 70th anniversary of kangovercome, the weight of the wire was greatly reduced, which not only reduced the load by about 25%, but also increased the bearing capacity by about 20%. At present, the Far East carbon fiber composite core soft aluminum conductor is highly praised by consumers. The product has passed the product certification issued by the electric energy (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. for energy saving, which usually exists in the form of vanadium containing minerals or isomorphism, and has become the only energy-saving wire and cable product approved by the state in the cable industry

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