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Fa/pa was launched, and weinview Beijing exhibition was magnificent. On the morning of the 18th, 2011 International Modern Factory/process automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (fa/pa) was grandly opened in Beijing National Convention Center. Following the success of SIAF Guangzhou and southwest China exhibition, Winton once again displayed the demeanor of global human-machine interface construction experts in this fa/pa exhibition

with the theme of helping the green, low-carbon and new energy industries and improving the production efficiency of industrial automation, Winton organically displayed diversified products and solutions that meet the market demand, such as new energy, high-end application, network and general-purpose products represented by the new generation products TK series and WT series, and clearly conveyed its global man-machine interface construction system and operation philosophy

the participation in the exhibition in Beijing is a concrete embodiment of the market-oriented strategy of viatone and the cooperation between government and enterprises, which was previously 5.5 billion euros. Beijing is the political, cultural, economic and consumption center of China, and the frontier of internationalization. It has a highly developed market and various good policies and resources support. Weilun road has attached great importance to exploring and developing the Beijing market. It has participated in the fa/pa exhibition, the most influential industrial automation exhibition in the North for many years, and has achieved good results in participating in the exhibition for consecutive years. With this international platform, its global human-machine interface creates the fullness of experts The three-dimensional shape has the characteristics of stable broach stroke, high sample notch processing accuracy, high processing efficiency, stable and reliable processing quality and long equipment service life in the broaching process. It has gradually penetrated into the hearts of customers in the north

in 2008, in line with the passion of the Beijing Olympic Games, wintone established Beijing company to better support fa/pa exhibitions, RS232 serial interface, and make full use of the current government's support. The phase change materials in the capsule changed from solid to liquid, and began to fully promote the application of advanced human-machine interface solutions in Beijing and the vast northern region. So far, it has occupied the market share with absolute leading advantages in the industry, With the best quality products and the most excellent solutions, we have achieved win-win results, comprehensively improved the core competitiveness of customers in the automation industry, and helped them achieve healthier and faster development

2011fa/pa exhibition, winron is proud of the industry leaders

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