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Far East Cable innovation technology helps new development in the field of green building

on April 16, the "application technology exchange meeting of cable products in the field of green building" organized by Far East Cable Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Nanjing. Many leading experts from Jiangsu architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Southeast University, Nanjing Architectural Design and Research Institute, Nanjing Changjiang Urban Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Nanjing Urban Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huasen architectural and Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jinchen Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Huayi Design Institute, Jiangbei new financial center and other leading experts were invited to the meeting. This meeting was presided over by Chen ligui, Chief Electrical Engineer of Jiangsu architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

Jiang Huajun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of Far East holding group, vice chairman and CEO of Far East Smart Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as smart energy stock code: 600869), Chen Jing, member of the Party committee of the group, director, CEO of smart energy and executive general manager of cable industry, Wang Chuanbin, investor, Deputy Supervisor of smart energy and chief expert of Far East cable industry, investors Chen Haiping, senior director of smart energy and deputy general manager of cable company, Xu Jing, senior director of investor and smart energy cable industry and deputy general manager of cable company, Tian Xu, senior marketing director of investor and smart energy market director and cable company, Shen Yechang, Xu Hua, Miao Lilong, deputy director of investor and smart energy market and senior marketing director of cable company, Zhou Feng, assistant director of investor and power cable research and Development Department of cable industry, Wang Kangxin, a senior consultant of smart energy cable industry, and Liu Xue, he Haifei, Zhang you and Liu Xiaojiu, investors and R & D engineers of power cable R & D Department of cable industry, attended and introduced the product scheme

on site of the exchange meeting

Chief Electrical Engineer of Jiangsu architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Chen ligui presided over

JIANG Huajun's speech

at the meeting, Jiang Huajun thanked the participating experts for their support and love for the Far East over the years, and introduced in detail the five industrial sectors of smart energy, including power cables, power batteries, smart electricity, smart electricity and smart airport, At the same time, it also introduces the development of the cable industry in the Far East and the achievements made in product research and development in recent years, especially the contributions and responsibilities of the Far East in the construction field

Jiang Huajun said that as the leader in the domestic cable industry, Far East Cable always insists on taking customers as the core, quality as the life, technological innovation and application, and constantly providing users with high-quality products and intimate testing machines. How should we install them? Services. At the same time, Far East will also strive to "In recent years, the company has built itself into a first-class domestic and international benchmark enterprise in the cable industry with advanced management, technology intensive and outstanding brand.

it is easy to distinguish the characteristics of raw materials under dynamic load. Chen Jing attended the meeting

Wang Chuanbin made a speech at the meeting

Liu Xue introduced the vertical cable laying for super high-rise buildings

he Haifei introduced the flexible fire-proof cable

Liu Xiaojiu introduced that users must pay attention to new resistance when selecting 1 Fire safety and environmental protection cable

R & D engineers in the Far East introduced the vertical laying cable, flexible fire-proof cable and new fire-retardant safety and environmental protection cable for super high-rise buildings respectively. Subsequently, the experts at the meeting had in-depth discussions and exchanges on technical issues such as the use environment of cables laid by vertical cranes in super high-rise buildings, the test methods of fire-resistant cables, the design standards and performance advantages of flexible fire-resistant cables, and the differences between flame-retardant cables and B1 grade cables. The guests gathered their wisdom for the electrical design and implementation of green buildings in the future, and offered suggestions for promoting the development of the industry

Far East cable has been deeply engaged in the design, R & D, production, sales and service of intelligent cable products in the construction field for many years. Far East cable has independent intellectual property rights. The application of vertical cable laying in super high-rise buildings in Shanghai World Financial Center and Beijing zhongzhun has improved the power supply quality of super high-rise buildings, promoted the intelligent development of super high-rise buildings with outstanding advantages, and led the major reform of super high-rise power supply mode with innovation. Far East has actively participated in the preparation of group standards in the field of green buildings. The two group standards edited by the Chinese Architectural Society, "cables and slings laid by vertical cranes for super high-rise buildings" and "0.6/1kv rated voltage ceramic silicone rubber mineral insulated flexible fireproof cable" have played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry

in the future, Far East cable will remain unswerving, take "creating value and serving the society" as its corporate mission, give play to the leading role of the benchmarking enterprise in the cable industry, and boost the development of the industry with high-quality products, considerate services and innovative technologies

group photo of participating experts

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