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"Far East cable, global trust": take a look at the brand-new image of Far East Cable stores

New Year's new atmosphere, and the national franchise stores are about to welcome the new year with a brand-new image

the upgrading and reconstruction of the Far East Cable Store is nearing the end. From January 1, 2020, the Far East Cable store will provide customers with more extreme products and services with a new look

the upgraded Far East Cable Store, with a new visual image, will further stop the set friction experiment and highlight the high-end international brand image of Far East cable and global trust

the new image of the Far East Cable Store

the unified and upgraded image will help customers identify the official store more accurately

while recognizing the image of the official store in the Far East, if you find a store that is inconsistent with the image of the official store, you are welcome to actively report to the Far East


the unified upgrading and transformation of 247 franchised stores of Far East cable across the country was fully launched in October 2019. While upgrading the franchised stores, the product certificate and packaging of Far East cable have also been comprehensively upgraded

in order to more effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers, and comprehensively transmit the new brand image of Far East cable and global trust, the upgraded Far East cable product certificate has been upgraded. In addition to the basic information such as product name, model, standard and manufacturing date, the anti-counterfeiting logo has also been newly upgraded

Far East cable has always led the standardized development of the market with standardized management. All far east cable products strictly implement the relevant standards and regulations to ensure complete qualifications. When purchasing Far East wire and cable products, please be sure to carefully see the trademark and accurately identify the regular products of Far East cable

the following is the official network release channel of Far East Cable:

1 Far east holding group officer:

smart energy Officer:

Far East Cable Officer:

Far East Cable store officer:

2 Authorized and compliant franchised store stations:

long press the QR code to query

3 Officially certified online trading platform these films will show a bright color platform:

Far East mercantile app, Far East cable tmall flagship store, Far East cable flagship store, Far East Cable Suning self operated store

all the external information of the Far East will be published through the above channels. If you buy authentic products from the Far East, please identify the official channels of the Far East

Far East quality has been recognized and trusted by all sectors of society, and far east is also the first enterprise in the industry to win the national quality award. In 2019, with a brand value of 73.566 billion yuan, Far East was ranked among the top 500 Asian brands and made significant progress in machinery

brand value certificate

on the road of high-quality development, Far East has always implemented the commitment of zero defects, zero complaints, zero mistakes and zero rework, continuously improved the total quality management system, and created a made in China that customers trust. At the same time, with pioneering cross-border integration and scene experience, it has become the most warm industrial brand that has been sold in bancassurance channels since February 16

deeply engaged in the cable industry, Far East has won the trust of customers with its ultimate products and services. It has served many national key projects, including Shanghai World Financial Center, Hualong No. 1, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Beijing Daxing International Airport, and China Zun, and continues to help the country's important tools shine in the world

in the new era and new journey, in China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, the Far East will adhere to the use of extreme products and services to guard the light and warmth

Far East cable, global trust, 2020 will be a new starting point for Far East cable. (Zhang Yao)

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