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Fanou Lantai label celebrated the opening of Guangzhou electronic label factory in China

fanou Lantai label held a celebration on November 26 to celebrate the official operation of its Guangzhou RFID electronic label factory in China. With the official operation of this world-class factory, the service level of the company, especially for the Asian market, has been strengthened. In addition, as the company currently carries out the production of electronic labels and embedded electronic labels in Asia, North America and Europe, the company's global market position in the field of RFID electronic labels has been further improved

the initial capacity of Guangzhou factory is 100million tags per year, including high-frequency, ultra-high frequency passive RFID electronic tags and embedded electronic tags. According to the market demand, the production capacity of the factory can be expanded to hundreds of millions of pieces per year

production in Guangdong, a southern province of China, has significant advantages, such as being close to existing and potential customers and being able to directly enter the entire Chinese market. In addition, it also eliminates the need to import products from other factories of the company. Christer H? rk? Nen said: the localization of production and operation has consolidated our development foundation in the Asian market, and also proved our global leadership in the field of RFID electronic tags and embedded electronic tags

in the Asian market, fenou Lantai label has served the 300000 ton/year high-density polyethylene device in Jilin Petroleum ethylene plant and completed industrial experiments in many RFID terminal application fields, including clothing, ticketing, supply chain management, pharmaceutical, media management, transportation and industry. In addition to further improving the manufacturing technology level and overall strength for China's domestic market, the electronic labels and embedded electronic labels produced by fanou Lantai label in Guangzhou will also be used for export

the official operation of Guangzhou factory is a great achievement made by fanou Lantai label, which establishes the company's unquestionable leadership position as an embedded electronic label manufacturer in providing parts with excellent quality in the world at the same time. Michael liard, the research director of ABI research, a leading market research company in the industry, who specializes in RFID and contactless electronic labels, points out that in a variety of vertical markets, As more and more customers evaluate and adopt RFID, its application portfolio in the Asian market continues to show diversified characteristics. The localized production operation and increased production capacity of fanou Lantai label enable the company to well meet the growing demand in China and abroad

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