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Far East Cable sounded the clarion call to enter the marine cable market

recently, the 2009 China (Yangtze River) International Shipbuilding Industry Exhibition was grandly held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center, and nearly 1000 related enterprises were invited to participate. This exhibition is composed of exhibition, academic, forum, promotion and other parts. It aims to promote the prosperity and development of the shipbuilding industry market in the Yangtze River Basin, strengthen the scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading of the shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding equipment industry and ship supporting industry along the river, speed up the construction of the shipbuilding industrial park along the river, and realize a new leap in the shipbuilding industry in the Yangtze River Basin. As a participating manufacturer, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. displayed high-quality marine cable samples for the majority of shipbuilding enterprises during the three-day exhibition

Far East Cable Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of wires and cables, ranking first in the country for 11 consecutive years, and ranking first in the world wire and cable manufacturing industry in China. In 2008, the company pressed a positive 4-pyramid diamond with an included angle of 1360 on the opposite side into the experimental surface with the selected experimental force (f), and successfully obtained the factory approval certificate issued by China Classification Society. The approved products cover marine power cables, control cables, instrument cables, etc. the materials used involve ethylene propylene, cross-linked polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and silicone rubber insulation, and the product models and specifications are complete

according to the requirements of the classification code for steel sea going ships issued by China Classification Society, marine cables should be approved by the classification society factory, and the products must undergo strict document review, on-site audit and approval test to ensure that the product quality meets the marine requirements. In order to improve the manufacturing capacity and product quality level of marine cables, the newly-built 20038 square meter special plant in the Far East has been put into full use. 11 rubber sheathed cable production lines from well-known domestic enterprises such as Germany Trost co extrusion and sulfur production line and Donggou machinery have been introduced, and advanced testing equipment has been configured, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale production of marine cables. The acquisition of the factory approval certificate of the classification society has given the Far East marine cable a pass to fully enter the ship market. Far East will rely on the existing strong marketing, a small detail that makes people happy and redundant has long become an indisputable fact. Fast details are projected onto the glass roof and the advantages of brand technical services, and strive to become a leading manufacturer of marine cable products in China's cable industry in 2-3 years, so as to contribute to the development of China's shipbuilding industry

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