The hottest fanou Lantai cooperates with Bluestar

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Recently, UPM Raflatac and blue spark technologies have reached an agreement to jointly develop innovative products and application software for battery assisted passive (BAP) RFID tags

it is reported that in her speech, she introduced a new test method, and the two companies will work together to bring their respective technologies and experience of battery assisted passive RFID tags to the label field. Fanou Lantai company is the developer and supplier of high-frequency and ultra-high frequency RFID tags, embedded and self-adhesive labeling materials. Bluestar technology is a leading supplier of thin flexible printing batteries. Its solutions can be used in industrial and consumer fields, including RFID and various cards

this partnership was facilitated by the development of a new battery assisted passive RFID chip EPC Gen2 by EM microelectronic, a Swiss based RFID tag IC manufacturer. Em's em4324 RFID chip can expand the battery assisted reading range to 50 meters, and its memory capacity can reach 1024 bytes. The chip also includes an alarm device with low battery capacity. The durability of wireless frequencies and labels will be provided by the digital printing branch of fenolantai's label and embedded design capabilities, backed by the company's global products and test equipment. Power is supported by a variety of thin flexible printing battery solutions of blue spark, including blue spark ultra-thin ut series

Mr. Gary Johnson, chairman and CEO of Bluestar technology, said: Bluestar is honored to cooperate with fenou Lantai, a leading company in the label industry. We can use our technology and experience to create a real concept factory, so that we can use our own technology to develop and test new products, and quickly put them into the market

Mr. Samuli Stromberg, vice president of marketing of fanolantai, said: in terms of high-quality passive RFID embedded technology, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... Etc., fanolantai is a pioneer in the label market. The development of the new market needs the best partners to meet the needs of the industry. Movable type printing, we are very happy to cooperate with Bluestar technology

it is understood that both companies regard battery assisted passive RFID tags as the next generation products in the RFID market. Battery assisted passive technology effectively combines pure passive RFID technology with wireless real-time location system (RTLS) in terms of price and performance. The two companies announced that they would focus on providing high-capacity battery assisted passive r products for consumers, life sciences and industrial markets. Vice Premier Ma Kai of the State Council organized a symposium on Accelerating Railway Construction in various regions

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