The hottest Far East ethylene supply continues to

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Far east ethylene supply continues to be tight

Taiwan News: Singapore ExxonMobil's light oil cracking plant with an annual capacity of 800000 tons of ethylene has also heard that the capacity utilization rate of the plant has fallen below 60%; Plasticizers said that this information will continue the current tight supply of ethylene in the Far East

due to the unfinished production of the second light oil cracking plant of Formosa Plastics Liuqing, Formosa Plastics rushed to the spot market to buy ethylene raw materials. The high range of benefits and the profits of all enterprises are still growing towards the utilization and growth rate of high-performance composites in aerospace and national defense fields, resulting in higher ethylene prices. Coupled with the annual maintenance of several light oil cracking plants in Southeast Asia, the demand of Formosa Plastics to enter the market to buy materials makes ethylene supply more tight

Exxon Mobil light oil cracking plant in Singapore is the largest single ethylene production plant in Southeast Asia. Since its start-up in the second half of last year, there have been frequent reports of operation failures. It is understood that the failure of the plant is partly due to the unstable supply of raw materials, but this statement has not been confirmed at present

this week, the CIF price of ethylene in Taiwan has reached US $350 per ton. It is reported that the price of delivery in late February. The equipment on the big trip is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials, and the price is US $360

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