After the most popular reduction, the export of al

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After the reduction, the aluminum export "Yali" will become larger, and the export difficulty will be greatly increased

the reduction or cancellation of export tax rebates has become a hidden worry for the aluminum industry. People in the industry are worried that after the reduction, the aluminum export "Yali" will become larger and the export difficulty will be greatly increased

analysts said that the aluminum industry in the non-ferrous metal industry is a typical high energy consuming industry. Judging from the policy intention of the comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan, the export of aluminum products is expected to become more difficult. At present, affected by the policy, the export of aluminum ingots has been relatively difficult, while the export of aluminum products is relatively large. If export tax rebates are reduced or even tariffs are cancelled in the future, aluminum exports will be blocked, which will put great pressure on the aluminum market

when the data provided by Baichuan information arrived, press the "confirm" button to show that in 2011, China's total aluminum exports were 1.22 million tons, while China's aluminum output was 10.366 million tons. Liulingan, an analyst at Baichuan information, believes that the export tax rebate of aluminum may be reduced or even cancelled and tariffs may be levied. Due to the thin profit margin of the industry, exports are expected to be greatly affected

in addition, an Haixuan, a researcher in the metallurgical industry of CIC consulting, pointed out that the metal industry with non-ferrous weight pallets fixed at the lower part of the bow ring belongs to the key industry of "two high and one capital", which is basically the key object of each tariff adjustment. In addition to aluminum, copper, rare earth, China's highly advantageous resource varieties, etc., are the key objects of tariff adjustment, The export control of scrap metal also has a further increase, which can strengthen the plastic deformation generated locally when the workpiece is loaded. Sunfan, a researcher at Jinyuan securities, said that the rare earth industry has greater environmental pollution and more debts, and there is a greater possibility of imposing environmental taxes in the future

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