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FanMei packaging plans to acquire the mainland intelligent packaging technology provider, involving 5.4 million yuan

release date: Source: economic link China Station

FanMei packaging announced that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, based on experience, manually adjusted the company YiDianTong, and on the 14th, Gaowei acquired 90% of the equity of Beijing Digital Tong technology, with a cash price of 5.4 million yuan (the same below). Beijing digital technology is a company registered and established in China, which is engaged in providing technical services in the design, generation and application of smart packaging QR codes with its patents. It holds 38 patents in China

when entering into this agreement, YiDianTong will also enter into a separate sale and purchase agreement with a third party, which is an independent third party holding the remaining 10% equity interests of the target company

in addition, within three months after the full payment of the consideration, YiDianTong must urge Beijing Digital connect to repay all the loans owed by about 37million, including about 21.9 million loans owed to the seller

the Group believes that through the acquisition of Beijing digitalcom and its patents, it can provide its customers with more effective intelligent packaging solutions, so that it can enjoy # steel handle in the global liquid food packaging industry: at the same time, due to the role of corrosive media in mortar, hard wood has a greater competitive advantage

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