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Fanuc robot leads the new trend of packaging robots

robots in the packaging industry are applied to palletizing and packaging, and actively expand their application fields, transportation, sorting and labeling. This process is not only closely related to logistics departments such as food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry, bricks and tiles, building materials, etc., but also inevitable for all manufacturing plants. 1. Adjusting the direction of metallographic microscope and light source. A study conducted by the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association shows that the application of robots in packaging has increased rapidly, and its application has almost doubled from 9.5% to 17.4% in the past five years. Robots are used for a variety of packaging functions, and the application of palletizing, packing and sorting is still the most common

industrial automation is a key advantage in the overall strategic competition of enterprises. Any enterprise needs an automation partner with rich professional knowledge and perfect after-sales service to help it achieve ultimate success. Fanuc robot has established long-term and profound cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises. The new trend of the industry has promoted the reform of traditional production methods and the increasing expansion of robot applications in many aspects

sushi FANUC m-430ia robot

2012 new type, food grade robot with edible lubricating oil

the food industry has a very strict quality inspection and control system in the production and packaging process, and has high requirements for automation, intelligence and systematization of equipment. In view of this feature, FANUC developed a new m-3ia food grade robot handling robot in 2012, which is specially developed and manufactured. Especially for food safety, the robot's lubricating oil is completely edible and will not cause any pollution to food. Automation requirements not only ensure the quality of food itself, but also ensure high production efficiency, fully meet a series of strict requirements of the food industry, and provide customers with the most suitable packaging, assembly, handling, sorting and other solutions, so as to meet customers' special needs for progressiveness, modularity and high reliability, and inject new advantages into improving production flexibility and efficiency

the combination of food grade special robot m-3ia and LR mate200ic robot can quickly and accurately place the scattered vacuum bags in the specified position through the tracking system, which improves efficiency and saves time and manpower

No. 1 robot in the world and the fastest material handling robot

fanuc m-410ib/140h robot is the latest handling robot launched by FANUC. It is a product with the highest efficiency, the strongest flexibility and the fastest speed in material handling. It is light, fast Strong have (the handling time force is specially developed for high-speed and large-scale operations. This robot has an extremely fast cycle, with up to 1900 movements back and forth per hour, that is, it can complete the handling of an object back and forth in less than 2 seconds.

FANUC m-410ib/140h robot can quickly and reliably transfer the boxed cartons to the next process through stable vacuum adsorption, while ensuring the accuracy of their stacking position.

parallel 6-axis, FANUC The unique fist robot

parallel six axis robot structure is unique to FANUC. This design can make this robot product have high flexibility. In the work, you can not only change the angle of objects at will, but also apply to the whole column, assembly and other operations

this robot is equipped with a multi axis wrist that adapts to complex assembly operations, and its flexibility is no less than that of human fingers, so it has a good name fist robot. Whether it is sorting, labeling, inserting and handling, it has dexterous and free hand grasping, smooth and efficient operation, and freely provides a perfect solution for the automatic production of the packaging industry

The progressiveness of the fist robot is also reflected in the integration of many other advanced functions. As a member of FANUC family, fist robot also has super vision and touch. Fanuc is the first robot company to combine vision system with robot itself. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the research and development of vision system. Whether it is the initial two-dimensional vision system or the current three-dimensional vision system, FANUC has always been at the forefront of technology

fist robot m-1ia packs chocolate efficiently and quickly, which is dazzling

according to the market survey, the packaging logistics industry will have a good development prospect in the future. In fact, Shanghai FANUC has always attached great importance to the packaging industry. In the past two years, it has increased its efforts to expand the market of this industry and made more market attempts on these terminal industries, thus bringing more profit growth points. Especially for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, beverage, personal care products industry, as well as the electronic products industry, it provides customers with the most suitable packaging, assembly, handling, sorting and other solutions to meet customers' special needs for progressiveness, modularity and high reliability of quality, and injects new advantages to improve production flexibility and efficiency

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