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"Development and application of advanced control and integrated platform in fine chemical industry" passed the acceptance of the Provincial Department of science and technology

Zhejiang Provincial Department of science and technology organized a meeting in Hangzhou on June 13, 2008, which was undertaken by Zhejiang zhongkong Software Technology Co., Ltd Zhejiang Jiangshan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a demonstration enterprise in the acceptance meeting of the major scientific and technological research project of Zhejiang Province "development and application of advanced parts, batch control and integrated platform in fine chemical industry" (Plan No.: 2006c1142). The acceptance team listened to Li Hongwei, the general manager of Xiang Tetuo (Qingdao but even so) tire technology Co., Ltd., who said the purpose work report, technical report, test report, user report, economic benefit report and audit report, watched the system demonstration, reviewed the relevant data, and questioned

the acceptance team believes that the project has established a soft sensing model of nitrogen carbon ratio in the methylamine batching process, and achieved the optimal control of methylamine batching with the goal of "the lowest cost of methylamine batching"; The advanced control system of the synthesis tower and the fifth tower has been established, which effectively reduces the steam consumption in the production process of dimethylamine and improves the recovery rate of the effective components of the fifth tower; The real-time database system is used to integrate the production data of various types of distributed control systems; Through the digital market between the distributed control system and the management information system, we are concerned about the business progress of Huafeng spandex private bank. According to the communication and data integration, we have established a comprehensive integration platform to realize production management and team level cost analysis and accounting. The project has been applied in demonstration enterprises for nearly a year, and it operates normally with obvious benefits. The project has completed the tasks specified in the contract, met the technical and economic indicators specified in the contract, and agreed to pass the acceptance

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