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The development of corrugated board production line accessories market

according to statistical data, there are nearly 20000 corrugated board production lines of all sizes in China. Finding reasonable materials and processing technology, except that 15% of the production lines are advanced, the efficiency of the rest of the production lines is very low

shrinkage occurred when China joined the WTO. Since the new situation, new requirements and new development have made China's packaging industry face new challenges. According to statistical data, there are nearly 20000 corrugated board production lines in China. Except that 15% of the production lines are relatively advanced, the rest of the production, especially people's acceptance and re monopoly, understand that the efficiency of the enhancement line is very low. With the development of economy, the demand for paper packaging is increasing, forcing manufacturers to achieve efficient production. At present, the corrugated board production speed of less than 100m/min is far from declining, and the effectiveness of power transmission and transformation and electrical equipment can meet the market demand. The high-speed production line has been equipped with single-sided machine high-speed roll change, which can improve the production efficiency of the whole line by more than 25%. Previously, it was necessary to open three shifts to complete the task, but now only one shift can be completed, saving manpower and material resources. If it is counted by two or three shifts, the output can be increased, Create economies of scale

The increasing demand for paper packaging has prompted Chinese carton enterprises to invest more in cardboard production equipment. For carton factories with rising raw material prices, buying new lines is undoubtedly a large investment, and now the profit of making cartons is low, so it is a wise choice to transform the corrugated board production line. Through the transformation of corrugated line equipment, some paper factories have increased the average speed of the modified equipment from the original 70m/min to about 90m/min. The paste is saved by more than 5%, the wastage rate of base paper is reduced by about 1%, the energy is saved by more than 15%, the flatness of paperboard is also improved, and the total investment in tile line reconstruction is less than 300000 yuan. The equipment transformation not only saves the cost and wins the profit space for the enterprise, but also achieves the purpose of reducing pollution in the production process and striving for environmental protection production

at present, the replacement of the original lagging technology by high-tech has become a new trend in the development of China's packaging enterprises. Carton enterprises should accurately grasp the market dynamics, graft international technical resources, further expand the market with the advantage of speeding up the production line, and promote the mature medium and high-speed corrugated board production line and various supporting products to the market. The configuration of a good medium and high-speed corrugated board production line will be a major point for the profit growth of carton enterprises. The high-speed corrugated board production line is in a leading position in environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, the use of low gram weight paper and the production management of full-automatic cardboard production line

the increasing demand for the transformation of corrugated line equipment has directly promoted the development of corrugated board production line accessories market. The 2012 South China International corrugation exhibition, which will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan from April 11 to 13, 2012, has set up a special area for accessories of corrugated board production line, including corrugating rollers, cotton woven belts, needle punched belts, longitudinal cutters, transverse cutters, grinding wheels, rotary joints, clutches, brakes, light pressure wheels (sun wheels), glue making machines, deviation correction systems, steam recovery systems, etc. At that time, Gorton, Wande environmental protection, Rongquan, haoliwang and other enterprises will make a wonderful appearance with their fist products

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