30 requirements for Standardization in the product

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30 requirements for Standardization in plastic mold production

in order to improve mold quality, reduce complaints, customer satisfaction, mold, mold manufacturing common problems summary, induction, the implementation of established standards and requirements

1。 For embryos less than 2020 mode, a and B need the working mode pit between anti skateboards. For embryos more than 2020 between all templates, including thimbles, anti skateboard mode pit must be done

2。 The guide pin guide sleeve mold embryo is processed into the exhaust pipe to prevent the strain in the lead collecting tower

3。 The mold may not have sharp corners and needs chamfering. Unless otherwise specified

4。 The mold and mold parts without consent may not be welded

5。 The periphery of the mold must be in place to open the exhaust pipe. Please refer to the manual for the mold design specifications

6。 Try to avoid the use of grinders in molds. If you have to use grinders for processing, stones must have developed into an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform in China's industrial field facing the world, which has passed the certification of the international exhibition Alliance (UFI). Light oil province (especially the vice surface)

7. Internal model plane plastic surface treatment must follow the BOM, or implement the formal notice of other technical requirements. Non rubber machining production lines (wire cutting, milling machines, CNC machine gongs, spark machines) should be light oil stone provinces

8。 However, due to various factors, in all mold materials, mold embryo level requirements, according to the order, or in the design review process, formally recognize the technical requirements of procurement. The supporting materials provided, if dead, must provide reports of treatment. All relevant documents

9。 All the molds around are inserted, the position of the line, oblique, straight top (push block), shovel, and the position of a chicken waist pit and the hardness of the material are engraved in the bottom or processing

10。 The position of the line, pushing block, shovel chicken, Jack mouth and other important parts must be easy to wear through the nitriding hardening process

11。 The position of the line must have a positioning. The positioning method is slingshot, wave beads, HASCO (dimethyl ether) standard line position folder, etc., according to the specific needs of the requirements of each project. The position of the line requires layered, wear-resistant plates. Layered, wear-resistant steel plate must wear hard objects, need to add tanks

12。 The row spiral guide needle is pressed down and cannot move or loosen. The conical tail column must be hemispherical or conical, which is conducive to the normal movement of the platform with other organic matter (mainly protein) content of about 30%, so as to ensure the line position. There are two or more identical conical rows or columns in two places. The length, size and inclination of the slash must be the same

13。 Hard objects must be worn for inclined seats. Inclined to the processing tank, the inclined top seat Cr12 is generally 2510 or hardened to hrc40 - 45 degrees. Due to the impact load, it is not too difficult to lift the seat, otherwise it will be broken, and C angle at all right angle chamfer positions. Lifting guide plate (bronze plate) is required. No welding

14。 Runner and carry plastic need to be light to the provincial level

15。 Thimble, cylinder, closed thimble, thimble plate should be engraved with the weight lifter and the corresponding identification code, which is convenient for installation. If the ejector pin position of the product is not horizontal, it is necessary to make the "d" type of ejector pin seat, or the key position for anti resale use

16。 Ejector pin or HASCO standard with dimethyl ether, decide to use BOM or other formal notification of mold technical requirements

17。 When processing the water carrying rubber ring ("O" ring) ditch, this gap must be reserved at the unilateral general apron of 0.25? 0.8 mm to 0.5 mm pre installed. If you don't pay attention to this pressure, it is easy to damage the apron and cause leakage

18。 Jikou nitrogen, so do distributors. The radius of the gap must meet the requirements of the drawing. Ji no nitrogen mouth, distance from the model may have been injured

19。 To support conventional structural arrangements, you must die first. Both ends of the surface need to be ground, preloaded and a small module of 0.1mm, and a large prepress of 0.1mm0.15mm

20。 The diameter of the locating ring must comply with the drawing, and the joint form and the position of the top club must comply with the drawing

21。 Please confirm the BOM or chart of the module for the specification of the faucet. The faucet must be lined with elastic materials such as rubber in the fixture, and the countersink must be countersunk during processing and installation according to the head pattern map. No drilling deviation, acute chamfer is required

22。 The ini, Otti, in2, out2 that must be indicated for carrying water

23。 All the molds of playing words and trademarks must be neat, correct and not distorted

24。 The mold needs to be installed with a square side lock (the lock body is straight). If you cannot install the locking edge, you need to install the conical lock, or the locking cone. The taper lock is installed horizontally

25。 All screws and other mold parts are the preferred standard parts, and the screw head cannot be amputated. The effective length of the locking screw must be sufficient, normally 1.5 or 2

26。 The heat pipe orifice must be adjusted downward to avoid scratching the wire

27。 For the hot mouth, the ID card is installed on the side plate of the mold

28。 Mold transfer acceptance: the mold engineer needs to accept the far mode played by the packaging according to the "mold list"

29。 The transmission mode needs to carry water to accept the pressure of (above 100Pa) water after the transportation of water before the test, and a clean wind blown water gun is required

30。 During the manufacturing process of the mold, the outer surface of the embryo must be maintained to prevent rust and scratches. Before going to the dead packaging, the internal model needs to be sprayed in white/or colorless rust, and all the mold surfaces must be clean, and then the brand of butter

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