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Analysis on the practice of improving carton sealing in breweries (II)

characteristics of spray gun

Yuengling company likes classicblue hot melt glue spray gun (equipped with Nordson Saturn  crispus acridine) В The convenience and safety features of asyon module and Saturn online filter and filter sleeve). The spray gun sprays the hot melt adhesive on the inner top cover of the handling box, pallet packaging and transfer box in the form of intermittent dotted lines or a stitch pattern

Mr. Ybarra explained that in some cases, these hot-melt adhesive strips are 3.1/2 inches long and 3/16 inches wide. Or it can be formed into a 6-inch strip

there are three kinds of spray guns, which are direct substitutes for Nordson's h-200 series spray guns. The larger block on the new part is the gun body, which has a rope connected to the back of the device. The smaller rectangular component in front is the module with hot melt nozzle outside

saturn solenoid valve has some color coding rings to simplify part replacement and troubleshooting. The spray gun module is fixed on the gun body by two hexagon socket bolts, and the bolts can be loosened or tightened counterclockwise with one hand, while the whole module is still "suspended" on the position of the gun body. These spray guns, which are opened by air/closed by spring, are installed on the top and side of Yuengling production line. There is a one-way fitting device with guidance. The module inserted on the device and the machined surface form a shape similar to a bow tie or butterfly knot, matching the gun body and module together

just as its name implies, easyon's characteristics make the installation and replacement of modules simple and fast, especially considering that it is only limited to packaging posts, the space is limited, and the spray gun is very hot, and the temperature can be as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This advantage is more significant when the front end of the printing paper can be cut into a 3-angle shape and pushed into the paper inlet

ybarra introduced to PD, "this spray gun has a feature that can prevent mechanical parts from being burned out when working around hot-melt parts. All these spray guns are the same, so we don't have to worry about saving a variety of spare parts for five different parts - these modules, gun bodies and hoses are standardized and interchangeable, which brings us great convenience."

the spray gun has a large diameter heating head and an inspection port, which enables users to visually observe the working performance of the spray gun. Its key components are easily accessible, which Ybarra said is a feature that winery employees like very much. The spray gun can work at a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with a maximum speed of more than 3500 per minute, and the roller can move up and down for six cycles

before the formal installation of the system in the second half of 2004, the factory in Tampa tested the hot melt glue spray gun according to its own steps as a beta test point for the design of the easyon module of the distribution system in the second half of 2003. This classicblue system with easyon module was first unveiled at Pack Expo International in November, 2004. Before the emergence of this "one hand operation" spray gun design, whenever it was necessary to replace the spray gun module, or the heated hot melt glue accumulated on the spray gun, or the carbonized hot melt glue began to block the nozzle, the staff in charge of maintenance must hold the hot module with one hand and the universal wrench with the other hand, Operate these two things at the same time without dropping these parts on the machine or scalding your hands. Similarly, when installing a new module for the gun body, the new module must be fixed in position while tightening the screws - this is not a simple task

the new spray gun eliminates these problems. "It's safer and easier to disassemble," Ybarra said, "but I think we only need to replace it every six months - which is enough to show how reliable they are."

after testing the new spray guns, Yuengling purchased 40 of them. In addition, it also purchased eight problue hot melt adhesive melting parts and a variety of supporting flexible connecting hoses. "We are the first company to try this new spray gun. We like the easyon design style of this module." "Conceptually, you can replace these parts with only one hand," Mr. forstrom said

yeungling added three problue 10 melters on its bottling line and four on its canning line. The fifth melter will soon be installed on the canning line, and it also outputs 12 and 24 packages of products

each problue melter has a 10 liter tank that stores the strength and conductivity of copper bars used in automotive electrical systems. This compact melter is connected to the spray gun by a soft, reinforced hose with a Teflon coated inner surface. The hot melt glue melting tank of the melter has a large opening, so that the operator can clean the melting tank from three sides or inject cold hot melt glue blocks or small pieces into each tank. The hot melt adhesive block used here is provided by Henkel company. The system melts the hot melt adhesive at a rate of 32.7 kilograms per hour (or 72 pounds per hour)

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