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According to the analysis of insiders, the structure of raw materials in the global plastic industry will not change much in the future, but the quality will be greatly improved. The demand for functional plastics and high-performance composites will continue to grow at an average annual rate of more than 10%

abs has made further improvement and improvement in production and processing technology through basic and applied research. At the same time, greater progress has been made in product performance improvement and serialized functions. The layered dispersed plastic alloy is a plastic alloy with special properties, which has the characteristics of anti-static, flame retardant, biochemical medicine and so on. It will further meet the needs of high-tech industries such as packaging, building materials, electronics and electrical, medical and health care. It is predicted that ABS materials will be used in more than 90% of the above fields in the future

as a plastic reinforcing agent, liquid crystal polymers can realize the original sequential oven operation position compounding, which can significantly improve the modulus, strength and heat resistance of plastics, and will bring a new leap to the improvement of properties of modified plastics

special functional plastics such as conductive plastics, super conductive plastics, magnetic conductive plastics, photosensitive plastics, thermal conductive plastics, memory plastics and functional films such as electrodialysis membrane, microporous filtration membrane, gas separation membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, blood dialysis membrane and reverse osmosis membrane will quickly enter the market in the 21st century and can better meet special requirements

electron radiation technology does not need catalyst in polymer modification, with low energy consumption, high production efficiency, light environmental pollution and excellent product performance. It will also be widely used

metallocene catalysts are more mature in the production and application of high-performance polyolefin synthesis. They can develop polyolefins with high strength, good transparency, high toughness, heat resistance and excellent electrical properties for the fields of packaging, automobiles, wires and cables and durable consumer goods. In the future, research and development will be carried out in high stereoregularity PP, new copolymers, thermoplastic elastomers and other aspects, and further explore applications. In addition, the production of ultra-low density PE and elastomer with single center catalyst has greatly improved its processing performance and can be widely used in medical tubes, barrier shrink packaging, wires and cables instead of ethylene propylene rubber

due to the integration of the characteristics of rubber and plastic, the output of thermoplastic elastomer will further increase in the early 21st century, and the use and demand will also increase significantly. Among them, the automobile industry will become the largest user, and medical products and adhesives also have great development potential

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