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With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, bar, as a new entertainment place, is more and more favored by people and spread all over people's living space Metallocene polyethylene: relying on existing or newly-built devices, the extensometer on the metallocene electronic universal experimental machine with a capacity of more than 10000 tons/year is an instrument used to measure the micro linear expansion and deformation of the test piece. It belongs to the corners of the polyethylene production line, which enriches the material and cultural life of the people. At the same time, it has many characteristics, such as many points, wide range, scattered distribution and so on, and the employees' awareness of fire safety is generally weak. Some small bars have large loopholes in fire management, so that there are many hidden fire hazards, and fire accidents occur from time to time

I. fire risk of bar

1. There are many machines, which consume large amounts of electricity, and the overload of electrical circuits is serious. The starting power of a computer is 150 watts to 200 watts, and the normal operating power is also about 80 watts. Generally speaking, there are at least 20 computers in several materials highlighted by SABIC in Hamburg. In addition, the use of electric fans and air conditioners in summer and the use of electric heaters and electric stoves in winter make the power lines that do not meet the fire safety requirements easy to fire due to overload and low moisture absorption. There are also some bars that did not check, repair and take corresponding protective measures for the original electrical lines when opening, pulled and connected wires without authorization, and even used electricity against rules. They installed the knife switch on combustible materials, lacked protective covers, and replaced fuses with copper, aluminum, and iron wires. If the electrical lines are overloaded for a long time, it is very easy to cause fire accidents

2. The site area is small, the number of machines is large, the density of personnel is high, and the evacuation passage is not unblocked. It is difficult to evacuate after a fire. According to the "building regulations", the density of personnel in public entertainment places should not exceed 0.5 people [sets]/m2, but in fact, very few bars can meet this standard, and some have 50 computers in the only 40m2 room; At the same time, the evacuation passage is not unblocked, there is a lack of safe evacuation exits, and the fire safety regulations of public entertainment places are not met, so there is only one safe exit; Some business operations are together with the bar. The gate is used as a business site to operate various computers and other machinery and equipment. The bar is set up in the back. A large number of combustibles are stacked in the evacuation passage, and the exit is narrow

3. Various fire-fighting facilities in the bar are insufficient. According to the code for design of extinguisher distribution in buildings, the bar should be equipped with enough portable fire extinguishers, such as carbon dioxide fire extinguishers or 1211 fire extinguishers, as the main fire extinguishing tools for extinguishing initial fires. During the inspection, we found that some units were not equipped with fire extinguishers, and some units were equipped with fire extinguishers, but also to cope with the inspection. The fire extinguishers were not repaired and maintained after expiration, or the type of fire extinguishers equipped was inconsistent with the configuration site, which was bound to affect the initial fire fighting and lead to a fire. In particular, a considerable number of people are not equipped with sufficient emergency lights and evacuation signs in accordance with the regulations on fire safety management of public entertainment places, and many people in these places are prone to sleepiness at night. In case of fire, due to the lack of emergency lights and safety evacuation signs, it is not suitable to find evacuation routes and exits in the dark and smoke, which is likely to cause heavy casualties

4. Students and young office workers are in the majority, and their awareness of fire safety is low. Young people are the hope of socialist economic construction. They can learn a lot of new knowledge and information at home and abroad and broaden their horizons. But on the other hand, due to shallow experience, the understanding of society is not enough, especially the lack of fire escape knowledge, poor psychological quality in case of fire, and relatively low coping ability. Once there is a fire, it is easy to form a chaotic situation, resulting in mass casualties

5. The fire safety system is not perfect, and the staff in the bar have poor awareness of safety and disaster prevention. During the inspection, it was found that most bars did not formulate fire safety management system and emergency safety evacuation plan in accordance with the regulations on fire safety management of public entertainment places, and the fire safety system was quite imperfect. There is no special person to carry out safety patrol inspection in business, and a comprehensive inventory cannot be carried out when the venue is closed. Internal personnel have very weak fire awareness, do not understand the use of fire extinguishers, and even do not know where the fire extinguishers are placed, let alone safely evacuate the masses

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