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Analysis of the importance of high-quality casings to sausage packaging (Part I)

Abstract: the importance of multi-layer coextrusion heat shrinkable casings to sausage packaging is summarized, the performance of high-quality casings is evaluated, and the application is discussed

key words: meat packaging materials casing packaging

with the development of plastics and its superior performance, the application field of plastic packaging materials is more and more extensive. As a very important member of the packaging material family, plastic film has attracted more and more attention from the food packaging industry

in recent years, with the continuous development of multi-layer coextrusion technology, multi-layer coextrusion composite film is widely used in the fields of food, meat, seafood, grain and chemical products because of its excellent barrier property, chemical resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance and mechanical properties. Multi layer coextrusion heat shrinkable casing has its unique processing technology and excellent packaging effect, A large number of them are applied to the packaging of low-temperature enema products that need pasteurization

as the packaging of low-temperature irrigation stroke: 70 mm, 150 mm intestinal products, multi-layer coextrusion shrink casings play a very important role in the production, sales, circulation, storage and other links of irrigation products

(1) it must protect sausage from microbial, chemical and physical pollution

(2) maintain the physical state required by sausage. Therefore

(3) it can tell buyers what ingredients are contained in sausage

(4) it is the advertising medium of products, persuading customers to buy your products instead of competitors' products

in view of the above effects, high-quality casings should meet the following requirements for sausage:

(1) good oxygen, water vapor and flavor barrier

(2) good physical and mechanical properties to meet the requirements of enema technology

(3) good meat viscosity prevents moisture and gravy from overflowing from meat

(4) safe and reliable food hygiene

(5) the cooking resistance meets the requirements of sausage sterilization process

(6) casing surface brightness and printing effect

(7) good specification performance price ratio

as the outer package of sausage, its basic function is to ensure that the sausage will not deteriorate under certain conditions and time, so as to meet the needs of storage and circulation. This function is provided by the barrier index of the casing, namely, oxygen barrier, water vapor barrier and fragrance barrier

the oxidative deterioration and loss of nutritional value of sausage are caused by the following reasons:

(1) oxygen enters the interior of sausage, causing oxidative browning of sausage. This change is from the outside in. First, the sausage in the outer layer turns pale from pink to white, and then gradually turns grayish brown. Cut the sausage horizontally to see an oxidation circle. The longer the time is, the deeper the oxidation circle is

(2) meat spoilage caused by bacterial reproduction. Under the protection of the casing, the bacteria outside the sausage will not enter the interior of the sausage. The bacteria mentioned here refer to the bacteria in the raw meat of sausage, which cannot be completely killed by pasteurization at ℃ after filling. This sterilization process can only kill most pathogenic bacteria, but can not kill heat-resistant bacillus, etc. These bacteria reproduce slowly at ℃

, but if the oxygen resistance of the casing is not good or with the extension of time, it will make the sausage corrupt. Thus losing its edible value

(3) the loss of water in the sausage makes the sausage lose elasticity, the freshness of the sausage decreases, and the taste becomes worse. It is composed of semiconductor molecules, which requires the casing to have a very good water resistance

(4) the fragrance of sausage is lost. If the technology has won the 2017 Jung technological innovation award, the casing is required to have a very good gas barrier

according to foreign research and our practical work experience, it is shown that the actual oxygen transmission index of pasteurized sausage packed with multi-layer co extruded nylon casing is less than 40ml/m2, ATM, 24h, 23 ℃, 65% RH. In this way, the sausage has a shelf life of three months when stored at ℃. The actual oxygen transmission rate mentioned here not only refers to the data measured before the casing is used, but also includes the indicators achieved after the casing is sterilized by enema. Because nylon resin is a hygroscopic material, its oxygen transmittance changes greatly with the temperature and humidity. If the casing structure is unreasonable, it may reach less than 40ml/m2, ATM, 24h, 23 ℃, 65% RH before use, while the gas resistance will decrease after enema, which will greatly exceed this index. For water vapor transmission index, it should be less than 5g/m2, ATM, 24h, 23 ℃, 90% RH. In this way, the sausage will not lose too much water during the guarantee period of the sausage, so as to ensure its good elasticity and taste. The aroma retention is closely related to the choice of casing materials, because the aroma retention of different materials is very different, because the aroma is different from oxygen. It can be seen from this that excellent oxygen, water vapor and flavor barrier are very important for sausage packaging, which is the characteristics of high-quality casings

(to be continued)

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