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Analysis on the influencing factors of the speed of corrugating machine and relevant countermeasures

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corrugating machine is a paper-making equipment, belonging to the category of equipment accessories. Let China paper industry introduce it to you below

at this stage, the corrugated board production line has frequent technical iterations, and many factors, such as people, machines, materials, methods, and environment, restrict the improvement of speed. Optimizing the speed of the corrugated machine has become one of the concerns of various group companies/equipment manufacturers. In the author's opinion, "optimized speed" can be defined as the setting for operation reference that can be used again when the maximum speed (or the limited speed of the machine) can be achieved in a specific paperboard production process, and at the same time, the non-compliance and waste in the production process can be reduced

1. Factors affecting the speed of corrugated machine

1) personnel and methods

in the actual production process, the proficiency of operators and personnel stability seriously restrict the speed of corrugated line, which is roughly reflected in:

a) the incentive measures of managers are not obvious, and the enthusiasm of personnel is not high

b) the SOP is not standardized, the transmission, help and guidance mechanism is not perfect, and the personnel training is not in place

c) in order to avoid performance seals, some veterans can deliberately increase the amount of paste or reduce the speed for repeated use evaluation

d) the personnel in each process of tile line are unstable or their positions are unstable, and the cooperation and team consciousness of the whole paper guide line are not strong

2) equipment

equipment procurement: the personnel who purchased the equipment lacked understanding of the performance and structure of the equipment, or paid more attention to the low price and purchased the equipment with immature design and manufacturing defects, such as the structure of the paper feeder and the automatic control mode; The diameter of corrugating roller and the utilization rate of heat energy of corrugating machine; Diameter and structure of preheating cylinder; Automatic control system of paste quantity; Automation degree of cadre equipment; Whether the production management system is equipped; Temperature control function of the whole line

equipment maintenance: many factories do not have perfect SOP procedures for the maintenance of tile lines, and there is a lack of standards for the inspection tools, maintenance frequency, maintenance methods and maintenance requirements of each important part of the whole line

3) important raw and auxiliary materials

important raw and auxiliary materials for corrugated board production include base paper and paste. Controlling the quality of base paper and paste has a great impact on the speed of corrugated line and the quality of paperboard

in the purchase of base paper: one-sided pursuit of low cost, greedy for cheap, buy this paper for the reasons of poor tension, high moisture, no toughness, and much dust, which do not meet the quality requirements; Or when purchasing base paper of a specific grade (such as nine dragons, Shanying, Liwen), it should basically exist in vain in terms of receiving sampling inspection

paste production: failed to flexibly prepare paste according to the environmental temperature and humidity caused by seasons; Or worry about the poor adhesion of the paperboard, artificially increase the amount of glue, causing the corrugated water absorption of one-sided paperboard to be too variable and soft. In order to ensure the adhesion and stiffness of the paperboard, the dryer had to slow down

4) supporting facilities before and after the tile line

base paper Logistics: the specific base paper logistics configuration has a certain impact on the speed of the tile line. The traditional paper preparation mode is still dominated by people, and the car holding driver prepares paper flexibly according to experience and the rules for placing base paper in the base paper warehouse, which is highly dependent on people; Under the influence of industry 4.0, a series of intelligent base paper logistics solutions have emerged one after another, greatly reducing human dependence in the case of semi-automatic

paperboard Logistics: the size of the plant, the setting of paperboard logistics, and the storage and transportation capacity are also important factors that restrict the speed of the tile line. Under certain plant size, unreasonable logistics planning or insufficient storage and transportation capacity are easy to block the tile line

2. The direction and Countermeasures of optimizing the corrugated speed

based on the setting that the optimized speed is reused and for operation reference, this paper mainly expounds the standardization of corrugated equipment and the automation of process parameters

1) standardization of corrugated equipment

the benchmarking of corrugated equipment means that the service life of components is well predicted: before the speed optimization, the overall situation of corrugated equipment has been comprehensively diagnosed, and the situation of equipment has been collected, analyzed and evaluated

it focuses on two aspects: one is the calibration of the parallelism of the key rollers of the single-sided machine and the double-sided mechanism, such as the calibration of the parallelism of the corrugating roller, the parallelism of the pressure roller, the parallelism of the gluing roller and the calibration of the gauge; The second is the verification and calibration of the single temperature of the whole line heating

a) standardization of single-sided machine

b) standardization of base paper holder, brake and paper receiving machine

c) standardization of paper guide device of overpass

d) standardization of three-layer bridge

e) standardization of gluing machine

f) standardization of double-sided machine

2) standardization of process parameters

standardization of process parameters is the premise of equipment operation automation and digitalization. On the one hand, the standardization of process parameters is of great significance to improve the level of process technology and production efficiency; On the other hand, through the management method of using behavior to change thinking, restrict the operation of employees, eliminate the behavior of willful operation, and improve the production speed of the whole line

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