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Analysis on the implementation of the new standard of high strength bolts for bridges in Russia

a standard on high strength bolts for bridges adopted by Russia has been implemented since January 2011

in 2009, the Standards Department of the Federal Bureau of technology and Metrology of the Russian Federation passed the national standard of gost P high-strength bolts for bridges, as well as the relevant standards of nuts and washers

at the same time, SRC musty, the Russian scientific research center, also issued a standard document on the detachable joints of steel structures on bridges using bolts

both the standard literature and the standard of high-strength bolts for bridges began to be implemented in January. Why not? " Both standards are based on new scientific research and the development of engineering design, implemented by the Russian scientific research center SRC musty, and verified in bridge construction. The two standards are aimed at improving the safety guarantee in the construction process after each power on, reducing labor intensity, improving work flow and reducing environmental impact

it is understood that this kind of high-strength bolt through the cone and round head 6 Double dragon bone front suspension: polar 1 has a connection of a double keel front suspension combination, and its load capacity is 1.5~3 times that of the connection generated by straight shank bolts through friction; It can reduce the number of bolts at the connection between bolts and holes, and reduce the labor intensity of production and installation

only the performance grade can be selected in the design

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