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Application of micro tile materials in offset printing in recent years, the development of digital technology, network transmission and CTP plate making technology has made offset printing perfectly present on the micro tile substrate. With the strengthening of sales and packaging awareness and people's increasing attention to environmental protection and energy issues, the micro tile with good printing effect and material saving is a new type of material substrate with great potential, More attention has been paid by the packaging and printing industry. After pretreatment, it is a new type of environmental protection composite material compounded with other materials, showing huge business opportunities

micro tile materials can obtain exquisite patterns through offset printing, which is a new material and printing superposition process. The packaging products produced by using this micro corrugated board have the characteristics of low weight and high strength, while the direct offset printing is high-grade. So today, for example, the color micro corrugated board has the advantages of short production cycle and excellent dimensional stability. This kind of packaging printing is excellent, high strength, light weight, clear edges and corners, and strong packaging material identification function, which is more and more favored by users, It should not expose a part of the body to the light beam and gradually become the packaging of high-end goods. Because of its unique printing effect, the packaging products printed with it have bright color and strong visual effect, which is comparable to the effect of offset solid paperboard, and the paper resources are saved by 20% and can be recycled. Therefore, it is not only a new printing process rising in the field of consumer goods packaging, but also an innovation of offset printing process


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