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Application of microplc in control system of high speed clip mercerizing machine

1 Introduction mercerizing process is to treat the boiled open width fabric with concentrated alkali solution under a certain tension, so that the fabric fiber will have irreversible swelling, the fiber cross section tends to be round, the surface is smooth, and then the fabric will produce silk like luster after washing and steaming, so that the fabric can obtain stable size, durable luster, increase tensile strength and improve the adsorption of dyes

the mercerizing machines used in the mercerizing process include clip mercerizing machine, straight roll mercerizing machine, bending roll mercerizing machine, etc. the clip mercerizing machine is widely used, which is composed of two groups of clip chains on the left and right. The fabric is washed to remove alkali and expanded under the grip of the clip. The width is easy to control, so that the fabric can obtain better shrinkage

like other dyeing and finishing machines, the high-speed clip mercerizing machine is composed of many general devices and unit machines, such as cloth feeding device, binding car, cloth stretching roller with high pore volume, clip tenter (mercerizing machine), washing machine, dryer, cloth discharging device, etc. The control system adopts multi unit AC variable frequency speed regulation, AC motor drive for amplitude modulation, alkali absorption, spraying and alkali liquor recovery, and torque motor drive for edge detection, water washing machine and upper row of cloth guide rollers. The control core is to independently drive the left and right groups of cloth clip chains of the mercerizing machine, realize position synchronization while following the speed, and the running cloth speed is required to be more than 100m/min. The whole system adopts 10.4 "magelis xbt-g color TFT touch screen (XBT g5330) for parameter setting, display and system monitoring

2. Control system scheme

high speed clip mercerization E) the national quality supervision organization proposes that the timing control system for type inspection adopts the micro PLC of Schneider Electric Company as the control core, and the transmission control of the mercerizing machine adopts two ue/me Series High-Performance frequency converters connected through optical fiber communication to realize the speed following and position synchronization of the left and right groups of clip chains; Other parts of the transmission adopt ATV58 and atv31 frequency converters, and the constant speed and constant tension control is realized through the analog output control of PLC. At the same time, PLC also controls many alkali pumps according to the set sequence, and realizes the fault interlocking between the clip removal shutdown, edge detection, caustic soda concentration and clip stretching in the mercerization process, as well as the automatic stop of spray and suction of the alkali pump during shutdown. The whole system adopts 10.4 "magelis xbt-g color TFT touch screen (XBT g5330) for parameter setting, display and system monitoring

3. Control system description

the core of the control system of the high-speed clip mercerizing machine is the application of ue/me Series High-Performance frequency converter

ue/me series inverter is a space vector controlled high-performance inverter launched by Schneider Electric Company. Its power range is 15 ~ 500kW. The maximum power can reach 1200kW through module parallel connection. It has sufficient input and output interfaces that can be flexibly configured (including optical fiber input and output interfaces, max.50m), built-in PID process controller, and the control mode can be flux vector or v/f control. Under the open-loop mode, the motor speed can be accurately controlled as low as 1Hz; Under the closed-loop vector control mode, tension control, uncoiling/coiling control, position control, torque control, etc. can be realized by using the closed-loop control torque mode; The closed-loop control speed mode can be used to realize lifting and hoisting, high-precision speed control, position control, zero speed and full torque, etc. In addition, Ue/me series inverter has built-in standard rs485/232 communication port of Modbus communication protocol, and supports DeviceNet, INTERBUS, PROFIBUS DP and other networks.

ue/me series inverter has another outstanding feature that vysta for Windows software allows users to customize special applications. Vysta software is a Windows based graphical programming platform, which is mainly composed of two parts: display screen (the customizable display change experimental machine is a kind of experimental machine screen structure and content that can resist the torque effect on the measured data, including menu format and the type of displayed data) and schematic device (used for control functions, and the control function blocks are connected with each other by drag and drop Technology). Using vysta software and the input/output interface of the frequency converter, the traditional PLC control function can be moved to the ue/me frequency converter, so as to improve the response speed and performance of the transmission system and meet the needs of users' own intellectual property rights

the mercerizing machine control system adopts the user-defined special application function of ue/me series frequency converter programmed by vysta software. Through the schematic diagram and in combination with the optical fiber input and output interface between the frequency converters, the complex calculation and control functions of the speed following and position synchronization of the left and right groups of clip chains of the mercerizing machine are built into the frequency converter, which conveniently meets the requirements of the system

in addition, in the washing machine part of the high-speed clip mercerizing machine, the moment control function of the ue/me series frequency converter is used to realize the continuous and adjustable control of the cloth guide roller tension, which can fundamentally change the traditional tension open-loop and through the application of the moment motor, the tension control is very stable, the continuous operation of production is realized, and the product quality is greatly improved. The specific implementation scheme is as follows: the common variable frequency motor and optical code feedback are used to replace the original torque motor, the tension of the cloth guide roller is fed back to the analog input port of the frequency converter, which is compared with the tension setting, and the required output torque reference is given through a set of mathematical model calculation to directly control the output torque of the frequency converter; Like mercerizing machine control, all operations of washing machine control are directly completed through the schematic function of vysta software

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