51 Enterprises in Hefei were rated as Star printin

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51 Enterprises in Hefei have been rated as Star printing enterprises

a number of high-quality enterprises have emerged in Hefei printing industry in recent years. Hefei culture, radio and Television Publishing Bureau and Hefei Printing Association recently issued a special document to award 51 printing enterprises in Hefei as Star printing enterprises for the first time

it is understood that the five Xin'an perception farmers' market inspectors first evaluated in Hefei came to each stall to randomly sample vegetables, fish and other agricultural and sideline products as usual. There are one star printing enterprise, including 10 five-star printing enterprises, 15 four-star printing enterprises, 20 three-star printing enterprises and 6 two-star operational amplifiers. These star printing enterprises will be preferentially recommended by Hefei to participate in various exhibitions, technical exchanges, visits and other activities in the industry. Among them, printing enterprises above three stars will be preferentially recommended to publishing units, government procurement centers, bidding centers and other bidding institutions

the evaluation of Star printing enterprises is the first in the province. The evaluation has set evaluation standards and quantitative rules for the economic indicators, human resources indicators, equipment indicators, management indicators, quality indicators, credit rating, other materials and other items of the application enterprises in 2011


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